Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Ebay Finds

Got this huge enamel ware metal bowl for an excellent price. I love this old Chinese enamel ware with the pretty shaded rims. They usually have pictures of roses or fruit in the middle. I actually had to restrain myself from tackling a guy at a thrift shop last week who grabbed one of these just as I was reaching for it! And it was PINK!

Another of my beloved Enesco Prayer Ladies. This one is a spoon holder and in great condition; these are usually chipped.

This gorgeous sign was painted by my talented friend, Shannon. Her ebay name is shannon*thompson. I just had to have this sign as "Pretty In Pink" is my ebay user name (and one of my favourite movies!)

A vintage Japanese honey or jam pot complete with spoon.

This gorgeous Royal Vale cup to match a saucer that I already have. Now to find the plate!

Pretty Pictures to Cheer Me Up

I am actually feeling a lot better as Tom is feeling a lot better. The homeopathic remedies are really working well for him!
I thought I'd post some pictures of my latest buys. It always cheers me up to see pretty pictures when I open my blog page.
I am just posting pics of my Josef girls at the moment. I bought the pink and blue ones from ebay and the green bell Josef girl was from the swapmeet. I found out that the green one is worth at least $100! To think that I was annoyed that the seller wouldn't come down in price from $5!
Picking up Lucas from school now, his first day back!

Horror Day

Awful day yesterday, I spent most of it crying. The crux is we nearly lost our bad boy Tom, pictured above when he was a kitten.
Our Tommy is a bit of a thief, he has been jumping the fence and stealing food from other cats. I don't know what happened but he came home with a broken leg and abrasions.
Then a horrible experience with a vet, I should have known better, their phone number had 666 in it! He wanted to charge $1000 to fix the leg. Plus he was going to charge me $300 for looking at Tom, x-rays and anesthetic. When I said to him to call me before doing anything!
Well I went down there and cried my eyes out and got it reduced to $50. And brought Tom home. I was feeling pushed to either pay for an expensive operation or put him down.
I have given him a homeopathic remedy and it seems to be helping. He is eating and putting more weight on the leg.
I am saying lots of prayers for my cuddly, psycho cat.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jungle Dream Pagoda Inspired me....

to post photos of my assy Valentines centerpiece. I have mucked around with this a lot. I originally had a glass tree with pink decorations but the cat kept knocking it over. And the husband.
My fave bit is the "love" glass bauble. The pink floral collars around the candlesticks are vintage as are a lot of the crystal prisms hanging off them.
The little tealight candles are battery operated, a must with my two little cherubs (and the cat who would set his furry bum on fire.) The picture below is of my bad boy, Tom. We have a love/ hate relationship. This is a cat who attacks the mailman and he is only one! So not even full grown!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day

Happy Birthday Australia!

For Sarah

Sarah asked me what the heck coloured popcorn is? Well here is a picture of the very brand that is my own personal drug!

Another Weird Thing & Cupcakes

Okay, number 4 - I am totally addicted to coloured popcorn. And not just any coloured popcorn. It has to be in the blue packet from Woolworths. It tastes divine and all the additives have me flying for hours!
Have found some great pictures of the Robert Gordon china cupcakes that I collect so I just had to add them to my blog!
I keep them all on a white wire cupcake stacker also by Robert Gordon. Here is a photo of it from a while ago. Must take a new one as the brown cakes are now gone and I found a whole lot of cupcake shaped candles in the prettiest pastel colours. And they look real! Kids and adults alike are always asking if they can have one lol!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Six Weird Things..& Cath Kidston!

Niki has tagged me in the reveal six weird things about yourself caper. Now, I am not very keen to do this as I may be revealed as the nutter I truly am!
Niki, I think everyone in Blogland has been tagged so this ends right here, right now (throws down gauntlet.)
1. I was an extra in a movie shot here in Perth which starred Naomi Watts. Everything of me was cut out except a lovely shot of my bare legs. I had gorgeous legs then, sigh. Naomi Watts is tiny, shorter than me and I am only 5 ft 3".
2. I have an addiction to smutty gossip, the smuttier the better! You can see a few links on my side bar, these are the tamer ones! I should be too grown up for this now, I know. People tend to get shocked. What is common knowledge in the Blog world? Not so much in real life.
3.I am afflicted with a severe case of potty mouth. I am constantly having to watch myself around people in case a "F" or much, much worse comes out. Some of the mums of my kids friends let slip with an "F" occasionally and they always apologise and I just think &*$@$ *&* $%#$@! - if you only knew!

Am getting bored of this tonight, so will post the other three soon. Is that a weird thing? My attention span is very short, a little ADD I think.

More importantly, Cath Kidston's new Spring range is out! I am just gasping with complete avarice here! You can go to her site by clicking on the title of this post.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I just had to add this.....

fantastic find!
There is a little swapmeet near my house in the ghetto. It is on Saturday mornings in the carpark of the local trashy shopping center.
Most of the stuff is pretty craptacular but this Saturday I found this amazing curio shelf straight from the 1950's! I remember my aunt having the same one! I even like the shade of lilac it is painted.
I filled this up pretty quickly - the bottom thermos is the genuine vintage one I have mentioned before. You can see my pink and blue little girls mentioned in my last post - the green one is up there too, now!

Sunday Swapmeet

Okay, a few days late but I just can't get my sh!t together this week.
I have been organising stuff for the kids going back to school next week. I covered some of their scrapbooks today. Lucas has Star Wars contact on his and Laetia has Disney Princess!
The swap meet was pretty good on Sunday. It was funny when I got it all home that I realised that I had followed a green theme!
The little green girl is a bell, a vintage Japanese porcelain. It goes well with my prayer ladies and I also have a pink and a blue one of these little girls.
The green glass vase is depression glass and the plate is J & G Lilac time - a classic.
The bottle jug and bowl is vintage Avon - I already have one of these so this one is for ebay. Mine is in my bathroom and is just the right shade of shabby green.
The green lidded pot is for honey or jam originally and is another piece of old Japanese ceramic. I have a similar one in my kitchen in lemon yellow. Yellow and green are just so delicious together, how could Mother Nature be wrong?!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Corner of My Home

This is a corner of my kitchen where my stove is.
The plate rack is a kids version of the "grown up" wooden dish drainers. I got it from ikea and painted it white. It is loaded with heaps of pretty vintage bread and butter plates which we use every day.
I also have plates lined up behind the hotplates.
The thermos is one of my latest buys. Love these pretty Thermos's! I have one genuine old one, this is a repro.
The popcorn holder is by "Robert Gordon", probably my fave homewares brand. I use it to hold my cooking utensils.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Raggy Quilt

Well here it is, the quilt that has made me broke this week! I think it is well worth it though :) It comes with two pillowcases and four cushion covers. I am justifying this purchase by promising myself to sell the four cushion covers. I have about 30 raggy patchwork cushions and DH will go berko if I try and stuff any more on the couch or bed!
The pictures are from the auction. They are not the best pictures, quite blurry. They give you a fair idea of the look of this quilt. I can recognise a few Rachel Ashwell and Cath Kidston prints!
By the way, to give credit to the seller, rictigers, you can go to her auctions by clicking on the title, "My Raggy Quilt", above.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ebay This Week

How slack am I? This is all I have managed to list this week. I love the old rhinestone bag, have had it on display in my room for a while now. I need the money more now because I spent way too much money this week on a stunning raggy quilt. Will show photos soon!
Had to see my boss today in the city so I took the opportunity to pick up some great Christmas bargains. Glass decorations from Myer for 75 % off, I got hot pink ones.
Bed, Bath & Table had 90% off decorations so I got quite a few from there too!

Flickr is The MASTER of Time Suckage

Wow, it is 1.30 in the morning and time has FLOWN as I have been fully absorbed by the wonderful pictures on Flickr.
Click on the header to see an album by damselfly58, a fellow Aussie.
I just love this picture of her poodle collection and I can see in the background that she has the same mini drawers chest that I have. Her vintage album is so incredible, so many things I want!
I have also included this picture of her Royal Albert blossom time saucer as I have the same one found at an op-shop a few weeks ago.
Also this pic of her Royal Winton Pink Petunia cup which looks to be perfect and cost her $1! Mine has a chip and cost more than that!
The polka dot cup and saucer is adorable, I have a bit of a "thing" for polka dots.
The last picture is of the top of the same Robert Gordon cookie jar that I have. It is shaped like a big layer cake with "icing" roses on top.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Knew? I have ANOTHER Collection!

I was inspired by "Nostalgia at the Stone House" to see how many Jugs I have and wow! I have yet another collection!

The cute cow jug is 1950's Japan Ware and the pale green jug is "Weekday Weekend" by Wedgwood.
The second photo shows Royal Winton "Pink Petunia", Japanese lustre ware and Alfred Meakin Elegance.
The third photo has a James Kent sauce jug, a little Japanese jug and a Pink Petunia sauce jug.
The big blue jug is another Wedgwood "Weekday Weekend" piece. I have used this as a vase and as a utensil holder. The other jug is vintage Japanese and I actually collect this pattern, I have 5 or 6 pieces of this.
If you click on the header you will see the post that inspired me!