Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I just had to add this.....

fantastic find!
There is a little swapmeet near my house in the ghetto. It is on Saturday mornings in the carpark of the local trashy shopping center.
Most of the stuff is pretty craptacular but this Saturday I found this amazing curio shelf straight from the 1950's! I remember my aunt having the same one! I even like the shade of lilac it is painted.
I filled this up pretty quickly - the bottom thermos is the genuine vintage one I have mentioned before. You can see my pink and blue little girls mentioned in my last post - the green one is up there too, now!


  1. I LOVE that display,all the goodies,and that shelf is sooo sweet!

  2. It's perfect! Don't you just love those kind of finds??

  3. I think we can assume that most all of us grew up in a home with that very shelf!
    Wish I had ours... but my Mom saved nothing.
    Not me, I save everything! Ha!

  4. That is GREAT! I love those old curio shelves. Go the 50s. I had a small white cane curio display shelf thing for my ornaments as a child - sigh, what rubbish tip is it mouldering under now..?

  5. Love the shelf, so nice to be able to display all the things we love :)

  6. Great find! I love the shelf....reminds me of the one my Nanna still has!
    You have a sweet collection of little china ladies....not sure we have those here.

  7. Niki, I can only find those china ladies on ebay. The green one is the only one I have found in the "real" world.
    Victoria, I would love your cane shelf! No doubt some shabby chic lover has it now :)
    Thanks for all the lovely comments guys!