Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still Dreaming....

...of moving. Our place hasn't sold yet. Our real estate agent just rang saying he wanted to see us because he had a couple of offers. He didn't sound too happy so I am thinking they both low balled. We will see!

Love this dog bed. It is a new range at work. We are planning on getting a dog when we move and I think she would love this bed! It would be pretty easy to cover that cushion and the rattan gives it a casual french provencial look.

Aren't these silver spoon herb markers lovely? They are from etsy (loving etsy more than ebay lately.)

Another thing I am planning on having in the new place; a blackboard wall or door in the kitchen. I think it would be a great use of a pantry door. I was toying with the idea of having a glass door to the pantry and show off lots of pretty jars and canisters but I don't think it would stay pretty with a husband and two young kids!

I have a pale blue chest on order which is very much like this one. What a great use for it!

I put in my last post that I wanted a blue door, but I think I now want a pink one!

My microwave is about to blow and I am actually quite happy about it. It is stainless steel and shows every finger mark. There is not much out there in the microwave world that makes me excited. All these pictures are for ones available overseas. I think the best I am going to get here is a white one.

This is me from about ten years ago. I am on a weight loss mission and this is what I am aiming for! I am going to have to literally work my ASS off!!!