Monday, April 30, 2007

Favourite Colour Swap

I posted about this ages ago. I received a parcel but I never got a partner to send to. I thought it was because (a) - I joined quite late, (b)I wanted to post only to someone in my own country and this was mostly an American swap and (c) uneven numbers.
But I got an email saying my partner was upset because she didn't get anything from me!
Hello? What partner? And why didn't she ever contact me directly? This was all months ago!
Anyway, I never renege on a swap so I had fun finding things in my partners favourite colours of blue, red and green. It can be quite refreshing to shop for things outside your usual pallet.
I can only show the packaging at this stage to keep up the suspense :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Swap Parcel

Here is the parcel I received from Sally.
So prettily wrapped and I love the handmade tags!

S - for soap (which I gave as my S item too!)
P - for pig. This is a gorgeous, vintage money box. My little girl swiped this from me straight away. She also took a surreal photo of the pigs eye - observe...

R - was for pretty pink and green ribbon.
I - was for Irish Tea (very clever Sally, I found this quite a hard one!

N - was for nail cream, another clever one!
G - was for green necklace, handmade by Sally. I put this on straight away,love it!

Thanks so much Sally for your generous and thoughtful gifts! The Timtams were especially appreciated:)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pink & Green Spring Swap

I had so much fun putting this parcel together for Sally. The frame was so easy to do but so much fun! I loved finding the buttons in our colours of pink and green from various op-shops. The frame was harder to find as I needed one with no slope or decoration. For Aussies, I found this one at The Reject Shop (great shop for craft stuff.)

Sally sent me a fantastic parcel with everything beautifully wrapped. I have taken photos and will post about it tomorrow.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freedom, I can taste you.

The Easter holidays are nearly finished, thank @#$%. Three weeks! Now that I am not at school myself, I think kids get WAY too many holidays.
I can so relate to the t-shirt above. My kids have been fighting, bickering and crying what seems like the whole day long. It doesn't help that I have been grieving my friend.
Hope to get back to ebaying this weekend. I have found some gorgeous things lately in the op shops!
Below are some tasters of what I will be listing this weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Little L's Room

Jungle Dream Pagoda inspired me to take some photos of my little girls room after reading the post about her daughter wanting to change her pink palace. You know me, I would keep the pink! Just tone it down to pale pink and add some chandeliers, fur rugs and a French fainting sofa. Think about it Crooked Halo!

I got this old childs kitchen dresser from the ghetto swapmeet for $1! I have had such fun arranging all of little L's tea ware.

All of the animals are having a drunken fiesta :) This is the center of Little L's shadow box.

Tom and the kids checking out the shadow box party. They weren't too impressed that the animals were drinking alcohol! It's cool, the animals didn't drink and drive. No opposable thumbs :)

I got the paper lanterns from Cost plus - $2.75 for the three. They are hanging off pink feather fairy lights that Myer had for Christmas.
The mirror and elephant picture are a remnant from my Bollywood loving days :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This and That

Jon is back from his holiday up North with lots of pictures of the fish he caught. Here is a photo of his feline friend Sylvester stalking his latest catch.

I finally got the hooks drilled in for these measuring cups. I like to sell sets of these on ebay so this will be great for taking photos.

Tom has taken to drinking from the toilet now - what a canine feline! Didn't get the camera in time to catch him with his head down the loo, balancing on his little legs.

I had to dust all the china and glass on my bakers stand. I always use this opportunity to rearrange everything. I like dusting, aren't I a weirdo? If I was dusting fugly brown pottery I wouldn't like it so much.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Haven't Been Here For A While....

I was looking over some of my older posts and saw one for this gorgeous English shop,
Decorative Country Living.
There are some divine new things here since my last visit and a great Easter range. A little late now but you could get in early for next year.
I had an op-shopping binge today - 5 shops in one hour! I scored some great stuff. I couldn't believe how much vintage Japanese ceramics I found today, and for good prices too!
Still no camera, but I will be taking photos soon.

My little boy set up his "office" in our bedroom. Love that there is so many ornaments on it! I guess he picked that up from my desk lol!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Anthropologie Homewares Rock!

Anthropologie is a gorgeous store but has always been hideously expensive despite it's hippy, down to earth look. Even on ebay, prices are way high. These glass knobs are quite a good price, $6 each. And the flower bracket is on sale for $10. I so want those!

Pretty china, I especially love the yellow cabbage leaf set. Not my colours but I adore them all the same. I bet my mother in law would love that set! Yellow is her favourite colour. The main reason I would love to be an interior decorator is for the fun of doing rooms in colours and styles that are so not something I could live with but that I love all the same.

These tea towels are divine but a bit steep at $18 US each. Not good if you have a husband that wipes up spaghetti with my best tea towels. Jon - they are for drying dishes ONLY - @#$%!@$!!!
These are so prettily graphic that I would frame them. AND they have my beloved birds on them :)

I have no idea if they ship to Australia. The brackets are the only item I really would love to have. Everything else I have seen similar items around the traps.