Monday, April 02, 2007

Horror Weekend

My week just got worse when the weekend arrived.
After my trials and tribulations with the Muffia, I was looking forward to working at V & B all weekend and playing with the china, including the cute Easter range, some of which is pictured above.
The sister of my high school best friend and bridesmaid came in to buy some china and I asked her how my friend was as I hadn't seen her for a while. The sister looks at me like I am insane and says "She isn't with us anymore". So I ask "Where has she gone?" "She died."
Even worse, I find out that she died six months ago. The girl who was assigned to call me never called to let me know.
As you can imagine I was stumbling around the rest of the day in shock.
The next day I was on my way to work and the bloody train was late. I got there at 11.45 and it arrived at 12.35. I started work at 1 so was starting to panic. After one station we all get kicked off the train because somebody has committed suicide on the tracks.
Later on, back at home I smell gas but that happens sometimes when the hot water is on. This keeps getting stronger and stronger and I am starting to feel sick and light headed. I go and check the stove and one of the burners is turned to on but not lit.
There could have been four more fatalities, thank God I discovered the burner. No idea how this got turned on. You have to push in and turn to make it work so I don't think I did it when I was cleaning the stove top.
I just pray that this will be a better week.


  1. omg peta hope you are ok, hugs to you hun.

  2. Things can only get better Peta.
    Chin up chookie :)

    xo Shann

  3. Peta that truely is horrific, especially about your friend. And the gas. Leaking gas is SCARY. I hope you gets lots of easter eggs next week.

  4. Oh my. Hopefully that was the end of the nastiness for awhile.

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments guys :) I am getting there.

  6. Poor dear Peta,
    it was a horror weekend,so sorry about your freind.

  7. Thanks Lisa-Gabrielle :)