Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vintage Swaps

I love swapping stuff with other bloggers! The Vintage Christmas swap has finished and I will be sending my parcel soon. My partner is Connie, from the US, and I can't wait to see what she sends me!
The next swap is Vintage Beauty and I haven't signed up as yet. I am a bit worried that I won't be able to find anything. I don't see many old compacts around, a few brush, comb and mirror vanity sets but they are usually in hideous condition and outrageously expensive!
Here are some things that I found on the net that follow the vintage beauty theme. I would love any of these for me!

End Of Year Malaise

It is the end of the school year and it is getting harder and harder to drag my lazy butt out of bed to make the lunches, dress the kids and drive them to school.
It is nearly 8 o'clock and I should be in the shower. Instead I am stuffing around on the computer!
If I can FINALLY get those kids of mine to class I plan on going op shopping in Scarborough. There is a jumble sale on today that is only on once a month. This may be the last of the year.
I leave you with a photo of a kitty that knows how to live. Oh, and a small selection of the MANY handbags I own, I have a thing for pretty bags!

Friday, November 24, 2006

My Christmas Tree Is Up!

I finally managed to take some photos of my new PINK Christmas tree! The hubby was most annoyed when he saw it. I think he went silent for at least half an hour (bliss!)
The decorations are a bit all over the place as the kids helped but keeping to a limited colour scheme makes it not too disastrous!
I have also added more baubles to the chandeliers and changed my center piece a little.
I am attracted to these little Christmas house candle holders. I really want a Villeroy & Boch Gingerbread house but I will have to wait until the sales for one of those!
The flamingos in the photo with the houses were bought last week from a second hand furniture store - $5 for the pair! I also got the Royal Doulton "Baby Roses" trio from the same store, also for $5!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another Ebay Buying Frenzy!

Well, I have been at it again lol!
Both my kids love toys that are mostly found on ebay. My son loves King Kong and Godzilla and my daughter loves Snow White. I found this doll complete with seven dwarfs and jewels. (All photos are from the auctions.)

I found another "Mother in The Kitchen" for my collection, this one is the scouring pad holder with bonus salt shaker. I also bought a book about these from the US.
The two prints are from the same seller. Don't you love the one of the 1950's family at Christmas?
I bought these gorgeous cupcake cards from an ebay artist named Natasha Burns which are printed on canvas. I am going to frame a couple of them. I also got these rose decals to shabby up some of my things.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dream Office

I would love my own office with a great big lock on the door! I would have a huge closet for all my ebay stock and an arts and crafts corner for my painting and other things.
I saw this divine desk and chair on the Pottery Barn website. I especially love that chair!
On the subject of Pottery Barn I just adore this vintage style kitchen play set. If my daughter had this I am sure I would play with it more than her!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Former Kitchen

The last place we lived in was a lot different to this one. We rented it off my parents and it was a 1970's hole. The good thing is that they let me paint it in which ever colours I liked which led to a very Bollywood looking house!
It was a great learning experience for me. Although bright colours are very attractive they are also very hard to live with. Another point is that if you are a collector like me you can't see your collections very well as the walls are fighting for dominance!
I hated the kitchen, it was so fug and useless to cook in. The stove was utter crap. Therefore it became more of a room to display all of my kitchenalia! Here are some photos of it.

A Cath Kidston Christmas

Wow, is it starting to get hectic with the end of school in three weeks, Christmas and both of my kids birthdays. A very expensive time too. Which is why I won't be getting any Cath Kidston Christmas stuff, but I can admire!
I was also sent an email from Shabby Chic with their Christmas range but when I went to the website it wasn't there! And the prices! This tree was in the email, it is TINY, and is nearly $200 US! I bet your ass it doesn't include the decorations either!
I much prefer our Cath- prices that are affordable for regular people, not just the Britney's and J-Lo's of the world.

Monday, November 13, 2006

One of my fave ebay sellers

This seller, giligan2, is one of my favorites on eBay. Unfortunately, her stuff is usually out of my price range! Take a look at her ME page, her collections are divine. Here are some photos I loved from her recent auctions. I love that display dresser and it looks like her kitchen is painted the same shade of pink as mine!

Decorating for Christmas

Well, I have been having a lot of fun decorating this weekend. I found some more glass decorations at a thrift shop ($2 for a big bag of them!).
I made my centerpiece more chistmassy with lots of glass decorations and a little xmas house.
I added heaps of baubles to my candelabra and have a gingerbread house tealight holder next to it.
My living room chandeliers have also been loaded up with baubles!
The shelf above my pc has some pink decorations and a little vintage angel.
The green and pink ball hanging from the bottom of the chandeliers are from Peter Alexander and very reasonable at $6.50 each.
I am doing my pink tree late this week.