Friday, November 24, 2006

My Christmas Tree Is Up!

I finally managed to take some photos of my new PINK Christmas tree! The hubby was most annoyed when he saw it. I think he went silent for at least half an hour (bliss!)
The decorations are a bit all over the place as the kids helped but keeping to a limited colour scheme makes it not too disastrous!
I have also added more baubles to the chandeliers and changed my center piece a little.
I am attracted to these little Christmas house candle holders. I really want a Villeroy & Boch Gingerbread house but I will have to wait until the sales for one of those!
The flamingos in the photo with the houses were bought last week from a second hand furniture store - $5 for the pair! I also got the Royal Doulton "Baby Roses" trio from the same store, also for $5!


  1. I just have to get back to the thrift store and find some more of anything with roses.
    Put up the outside lites yesterday, and had a big Thanksgiving dinner here with the family.
    Brought down some more things this morning to putter around with.
    Hoping I get a bunch of stuff in the mail today that I won on Ebay. You know how much fun mail is?
    My Birthday is tomorrow and my kids are having a surprise party for me, I won't tell them I know.
    Stay in the pink, your site is cute.

  2. Love the pink tree! my oldest daughter will have 2 small pink trees in her room (you would love her room we call it the pink palace).

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

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  4. Did you buy the tree pink or make it pink yourself? I have this idea for a pink tree, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

  5. I bought this already pink from Kmart here in Perth. I know someone who spray painted a white tree pink with a special flocking spray.

  6. Don't you love it when your husband is preturbed and silenced by your decorating powers! Love your pink take on Christmas.

  7. Umm, this happens quite often with my husband, there is a lot of pink, girly things around here lol!

  8. Hi Peta,
    I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am your vintage swap partner. Looks like I have a challenge on my hands. You already have just gorgeous vintage treasures.

    I just love your tree.
    Take care,

  9. The tree is beautiful and all the color in your photos are wonderful!! Very fun to look at!

  10. That pink tree is lovely, um was your husband really surprised it was pink? LOL I saw those trees at Kmart and hoped I would see one in someones house.

    The rest of your blog is fabulous as well, love the decorated chandeliers and the pink handbag collection is making me drool.