Friday, March 30, 2007

Ebay 27/3

These have been up since Tuesday but it has been a very busy week and my blog has suffered :(
One of our cars has broken down and the other could go at any minute. We have all been getting up at @ 5 am to drive Jon to work. It sucks.
On top of that, the Muffia have been getting to me this week. One thing I have learned when it comes to dealing with parents at my children's school - there can be no winners and the losers will be my kids. Unfortunately, unleashing the potty mouth and back handing them is not an

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Easter Decorating Part 3 - Center Piece

I had a lot of fun doing this center piece. I started it ages ago and have been adding stuff as I find them.
I am using a new platform now. A vintage mirror tray where I have painted the filigree rim pale green.
The bunny rabbit salt and pepper shakers were a recent thrift shop find. These are a "Leave out all year" item, definitely!
When Jon goes away over easter, I have many plans for the house! All the things that he would have a fit if he knew I was doing them :)
We have an overhead cupboard over the stove. I plan on taking the doors off the center on as it is really shallow and not much use.
I will put it to GREAT use for all my vintage spice jars and salt and pepper shakers.
It's the middle cupboard in the picture below, the one above the rangehood.
The only problem is, it will leave some ugly holes so I will have to work out something that is not permanent to cover it.

You can see any of these photos in more detail by clicking on them!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Birds on my TV

Well, it is pretty obvious I have a thing for birds lol! Here is a collection that I keep on top of my TV. Not actually my TV, my parents TV that I am borrowing as my old one blew up.
This collection won't stay here much longer as we are getting a thin screen TV. Can't wait as I hate black appliances and I really hate bulky electrical stuff.
TV's always dominate a living room with all the couches and chairs arranged around it. What is funny is that people will always glance at the tv, and keep looking at it EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT ON!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Easter Decorating Part 2 - Bunny Chandeliers

Love using my chandeliers for holiday decorating. I kept them pretty simple. I have just hung a couple of pink bunny baskets on my two living room chandeliers.
And I just had to play around with the image on photo shop :)
We saw a movie preview this morning - "Meet The Robinsons." An animated Disney movie. The kids liked it and there were some amusing bits. Definitely a kids movie, though.
A lot of upset people (mainly MEN) who couldn't cope with being seperated from their cell phones for a couple of hours. They had to take all phones and cameras due to video piracy.
I hate mobile phones. There is a Stephen King book called "Cell" where most of civilization is turned into murderous zombies due to a pulse emitted from cell phones. The only people left were people like me who hate cell phones! Stephen King hates them too apparently.
I do have a phone (pink of course) but it is never charged!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Easter Decorating Part 1 - Bird Bouquet

I have had most of my Easter decorations up for a while. Of course, I keep adding to them when I find something in a thrift shop, craft store or even the odd retail shop.
Finally, I took lots of photos today and thought I would start with my "Bird Bouquet."
The pretty coloured birds are some of the ones I got off eBay for Christmas. The cute Easter Bunny finger puppet is from "Bed, Bath & Table."
I am thinking I will leave the birds on after Easter - they are just too cute!

I had heaps of fun playing around with this image with photoshop. As you can see, I am using this as my banner at the moment.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Shannon's Pink Kitchen

Shannon has been an online friend of mine now for years. Both being addicted to pink, we bumped into each other on ebay while feeding our addictions!
She sells the most gorgeous art and crafts including paintings, revamped furniture and yummy faux cupcakes.

Here is her divine kitchen and all I can say is her husband must be even more tolerant than mine!
She has painted all her cabinets a pretty pale pink and what kitchen is complete without a cat sleeping on the bench?!

I love how she has painted roses on her archway in her kitchen. I have a similar opening in my kitchen and would love to do something like this using wallies.

Here are some of her gorgeous cupcakes and as usual just looking at them makes me want to have a massive sugar binge!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ebay 22/3

Beautiful beaded clutch bag, vintage of course!

Pretty aqua and pink roses porcelain hand painted dish.

Gorgeous old Australian metal spice jars. My eyes have really been opened up to yellow lately. I have just found out after 13 years that my mother in law's fave colour is yellow. @#$%^ MEN! It would have been so much easier buying presents for her if Jon had let me know this 13 years ago! Now that I do I have found her birthday and Christmas present for this year - easy peasy!

New pretty pink Robert Gordon butter box. Isn't the cow on the lid cute?

I would so be keeping this cute figurine if she was a different colour! Wouldn't she be fantastic in a sewing or craft room? Her hat has a pincushion and she has a holder for scissors on her skirt. She can also hold a spool of thread in her hands!

More yellow! Vintage Japanese honey or jam pot.

Vintage fish wall pocket vase - I had this in my bathroom for a while. The colours are so vibrant.

Gorgeous Fendi heels. I wish I was the sort of girl who could wear these but if I don't have a back on my heels I am sure to end up flat on my face!
You can see in the background the little chest of drawers I recently painted pale green.

Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" tin canister.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ebay Addiction

Yes, more ebay purchases. My excuse is they all were bargains. They would have to be as I am stone cold broke!

Look! BLUE prayer ladies! I am going to put up a little corner shelf in the kitchen for these. Might use the one missing it's lid as a utensil holder or pen holder. Depends on it's size.

LOVE Ruth Rendell. This is her latest.

Rachel Ashwell "Shabby Chic" tablecloth coming all the way from the U.S.A. I have one in a different pattern which I adore. Can't wait to get this one. My fave bit is the pretty ruffle.

Alfred Meakin "Elegance" in the grey colour way.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ebay Auctions 13/3

Listing more stuff this week, have to make some room around here, my linen cupboard in particular is bursting.
Which is why I am selling this gorgeous quilt.

I have used this on the couch, my bed and my daughters bed. Aren't the colours lovely?

Gorgeous pink Aura cushion cover, just a little too modern for my shabby chic home!

Delish green japanese cheese dish with geraniums circa the 1950's. I had this hanging on the wall above my dining table.

1950's supper cloth with Tom's legs underneath!

Brand new Sheridan quilt cover with a different pattern each side! I love this side best as it is covered in gorgeous full bloomed roses.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Fling

I have a spring cleaning bug at the moment (I know, it's autumn here but I was born in Canada!) and have been doing heaps of decluttering.
After cleaning the kitchen cupboards I realise I need heaps more storage containers. The kids keep taking them outside to put their insects in and I never see them again!

The cute aqua and pink polka dot bowls are from Target. I have a few plates in this as well for display on top of the kitchen cabinets. I expected these to chip very easily and I am amazed that they are still going strong!

This mug and glass shelf is usually full, a lot of them were waiting to be washed! I did get rid of a few cups too but I always seem to acquire more.

You can see the three polka dot plates on top of my cabinets - aqua, pink and green. The cabinets are my next decluttering project. They are a bit of a mess and I want to try and colour block them a little better as well as thin out the display.