Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ebay Auctions 13/3

Listing more stuff this week, have to make some room around here, my linen cupboard in particular is bursting.
Which is why I am selling this gorgeous quilt.

I have used this on the couch, my bed and my daughters bed. Aren't the colours lovely?

Gorgeous pink Aura cushion cover, just a little too modern for my shabby chic home!

Delish green japanese cheese dish with geraniums circa the 1950's. I had this hanging on the wall above my dining table.

1950's supper cloth with Tom's legs underneath!

Brand new Sheridan quilt cover with a different pattern each side! I love this side best as it is covered in gorgeous full bloomed roses.


  1. I want one of my girls rooms to have walls that magnificant pink color! They would love it.

  2. LOVE the tablecloth and the geranium plate! Now I am off to check out your auctions!!!