Friday, June 18, 2010

More Photos and I Got the Table!

Yay, I got the barnacle coffee table! It looks perfect (in my opinion). Of course, I got a lot of grief from Jon, but who cares? I have the table and it is here to stay!

More has been added to the bakers rack. I have been unpacking more boxes and come across pieces that I just had to put out!
I have tweaked the display on this dresser as well.

I love this stand. I got it from this quirky little lighting shop that always has other interesting bits in it. I think it makes a great lamp stand.

Someone asked me for photos of my kitchen in my last post so here are a few. The shelves are above the oven and hotplate. Note the range hood. All the appliances are a delightful shade of brown. I will definitely replace these some day when funds allow.
I have tried to keep with a blue/white/silver palette. The only colour is in the food in the jars. The "Cote Est" teapot is from Riviera Maison.