Friday, June 18, 2010

More Photos and I Got the Table!

Yay, I got the barnacle coffee table! It looks perfect (in my opinion). Of course, I got a lot of grief from Jon, but who cares? I have the table and it is here to stay!

More has been added to the bakers rack. I have been unpacking more boxes and come across pieces that I just had to put out!
I have tweaked the display on this dresser as well.

I love this stand. I got it from this quirky little lighting shop that always has other interesting bits in it. I think it makes a great lamp stand.

Someone asked me for photos of my kitchen in my last post so here are a few. The shelves are above the oven and hotplate. Note the range hood. All the appliances are a delightful shade of brown. I will definitely replace these some day when funds allow.
I have tried to keep with a blue/white/silver palette. The only colour is in the food in the jars. The "Cote Est" teapot is from Riviera Maison.


  1. Very sweet photos doll! I love the shelves with all your bits & pieces. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oooh, I love the table, and the plant stand is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Peta , your place looks great, I do loooove the table! thanks for the message the other day, my brother lives in success too! Let me know if you ever come down this way.Cant remember the name offhand of my screenprinter; I pick up the fabric on Monday now.. but he just is around the corner from me.
    Great photos, hope you have a lovely weekend,

  4. Love the new table.
    The 'blue' pieces on your kitchen shelves look fabulous

  5. Dear Peta,

    your table is absolutely perfect and I love it. Love your paleblue milkglass and your shelves with the beautiful items too and your ironware is very special. Your taste is fantastic!

    I´m on the hunt for turquoise and paleblue milkglass too but it is rare to find here so I now have only two items, an old sodabottle and a little bowl.

    Wish you a beautiful sunday,


  6. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I can so understand just why you had to have this table. It's GORGEOUS! What a perfect piece for that room, really goes well with all the other bits that you already had.
    I am also loving that stand you have that lamp on, I'm sure it would have to be fairly rare. It's a keeper that's for sure!

  7. HI PETA!! long lost Andrea (pink poodle!!)...suddenly remembered you & am going to put your blog in my sidebar so as I can keep track!!

    the house looks fab....will have a good look through your blog after i type this message...

    xx andrea

  8. Love your new table and love your blog! Letitia