Monday, January 18, 2010

It's A Miracle...

Two posts in a week and I am even listing on ebay!*pretty_in_pink*/

At the moment I am obsessed with light and plumbing fittings.
I want a traditional style mixer tap but they cost an absolute fortune here, around $500. Recollections had some ok ones with lever handles but the chrome is discontinued.
The one above is from ebay. It comes from China so I am little dubious but am willing to take a punt for less than $100.
The flush light fitting bellow is from "Beacon." I would love this in the kitchen. They had very similar lights on the Titanic! Jon has given a firm NO but I am hoping to talk him around!

Below are the items I have listed on ebay. Two issues of "Romantic Country" and an Aubusson rug.
I bought the rug for our new place but it does not suit it. This house quite firmly rejects anything too girly!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow, it's been so long since I posted and a lot has happened.
It has been a traumatic year and I sincerely hope 2010 will be a lot better!
We did sell our house. For a lot less than what we wanted but we were desperate to get out of the ghetto we were living in. It took three months for the settlement to go through!
We moved into a gorgeous house by the beach. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and three living areas! Lots of rooms to decorate!
Most of the house had been freshly painted and we kept the majority of it in the same sandy colour (very beachy.)
They had done some feature walls in very dark colours. Deep burgundys and purples.
It made the house look very dark so we repainted all of them a very pale blue.
I haven't taken any photos of the house. I want to do that when it is "resolved".
I have nearly completed one room and hope to show it on here soon.

Below is our new family member. His name is Ted and he is a labradoodle. This picture was taken when we fist got him. He is about 18 weeks old now and has doubled in size! He is gonna be HUGE!
I also have some sad news. Tom ran away about a week after we first moved in. He was a very territorial cat and didn't like being moved from his kingdom. I have him listed with Cat Haven so there is still some hope that he might turn up.

I will try my hardest to post again soon! xxx