Monday, August 27, 2007

Ebay Auctions 28/8

I am feeling as sick as a dog today so I don't know if I will get around to listing everything I wanted to this week. I do have six auctions already listed on turbo lister which I will be uploading tomorrow on ebay.

Crystal napkin rings. These are quite old, from the 1940's.

Exquisite Murano mirror tray. The twisted rail is actually real glass, not the usual lucite. I think the gold flecks running through it are real gold.

Vintage cake tin from England. I can just picture this in a country cottage or retro kitchen.

Sweet little piece of Australian china. By iconic female potter, Brownie Downing. Features an Aboriginal child and a kangaroo boxing with a koala as the referee!

"Bathing Beauties" wall hook in one of my favourite colours, aqua. Just love the 1940's pinup girls!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

It is my birthday today! My friend Jules sent me the cute cartoon girl above.

Here are two of the presents I got from Jon and the kids. A gorgeous, HUGE, venetian mirror for my mirror wall. And some roses fairy lights which I have wanted for ages.

We had a birthday breakfast at my parents house with my brothers and Jon and the kids. Bacon, eggs, croissants, all very delish!

And look! I finally got around to painting the tv cabinet! Jon got a new face plate for the x-box which is the most hideous orange patterned thing. And that huge, ugly tv is still dominating my living space. Note to self; new house must have male retreat type room with a door I can firmly close.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prettiest Tablecloth EVA!

I think this is the prettiest tablecloth I have ever seen. It is vintage of course and luckily I found TWO of them - so I have listed one on ebay. The roses all over it are to die for!

Got these house socks the other day. I just loved that they are Mary-Jane style! I have a "thing" for Mary-Jane shoes and have quite a few pairs.

Had to take down the shower curtain and wash it the other day so when I put it back up I finally got around to using these vintage shower curtain rings. This curtain is from the range designed for Ikea by Cath Kidston a few years ago. How I wish they still carried it!

Shell girl in my bathroom, bath salts canister and old Avon stoppered jug and bowl. Not a great photo, my camera is on it's last legs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Cath Kidston!

Cath Kidston has new stuff out for fall including some new fabric designs! Love the washed rose pattern. Go check it out!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canister Ladies & A Small Preview

Jon, the kids and I went looking at blocks of land today. We found a gorgeous one in a semi rural area that I fell in love with. Jon went for a walk in the bush and nearly stepped on a tiger snake which are extremely venomous!
If you live in this country and live near any type of bushland at all you get used to looking out for snakes. I stay away from leaf litter and tall grass!

I have a small preview of some of my ebay auctions this week. I hope to list some of my larger items such as a popcorn chenille bedspread and a retro patchwork quilt to make a bit of room in my bulging cupboards!

Pretty "Mayfair" bone china cup and saucer, made in England.

This is so cool - a cocktail swizzle stick and drink measure set from the 1960's.

A sign for the French inspired kitchen.

These Lady Canisters are not for sale.
Some of my Enesco "Prayer Lady" canisters. They are all sitting on top of the microwave. The microwave is new and I hate it. It is stainless steel and shows every finger mark. Remind me to slap myself if I ever buy another stainless steel appliance.

Below is the corner the microwave sits in. I hung some pretty saucers on the wall and I love this tiny lamp. It was brass but I painted it a very pale pink.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Auction Previews 13/8

Here is a preview of some of the things I will be selling this week on ebay. I am listing ten items and I will be uploading all of them tomorrow.

This vintage manicure set was a fantastic find! From what I can surmise, it is from the 1930's and quite rare.

Why am I selling this gorgeous German porcelain plate that is in my two fave colours with my fave flower? Because I managed to score TWO of them, that's why!

Another pretty set of light shades for a chandelier. These ones are a raw silk.

I love linens with embroidery. This hand towel has "Le Bain" on it, meaning "bathroom" in French.

Cats, Christmas & Collecting

Tom getting chummy with his little friend, he looks a little peeved don't you think?
Why do so many people hate cats? I just don't get it. I was talking to an older lady who I always thought was a lovely person. We were talking about cats and she said she left milk out with aspirin in to poison any cats that should venture on her property. Aspirin doesn't actually work, it is safe to use aspirin thank goodness. I know what does work but I am not going to mention it for fear of any cat haters reading this.
As you can imagine I now think this women is the Devil incarnate!

A recent ebay win. I now have three Christmas trees! This little pink feather, fibre optic one. A huge lilac one. And a medium sized pink tinsel one. Note to self - need to move house ASAP to fit in all my Christmas decorations this year!

My new hot pink mobile phone.

As I have mentioned before, I collect vintage flasks. I have lots of reproduction ones like the green one in the photo but hardly any genuine vintage ones.
Well, I found this red one at a Anglicare shop the other day for $2! Isn't it a beauty?

Then I had to rearrange my shelves of course!

Monday, August 06, 2007

There's a New Girl in Springfield!

Meet Peta!
This is heaps of fun to do, you must try it!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Auction Previews

Just got in from a girls night out and already I can feel the hangover I am going to have tomorrow!
I am previewing the auctions I will be uploading this coming week. Here are just a few of the things I will be listing.

Gorgeous vintage Royal Albert "Lily of The Valley" Trio.

The latest book in the shopaholic series, "Shopaholic and Baby." I am also listing the first three books in this series.

Gorgeous puffy patchwork quilt.

The picture below is of my bedroom with the patchwork quilt I use. It is so lovely and warm. This one used to be on the couch but it looks much better on the bed.
I have two "elegance" plates over the bed now, yellow and pink.

Must go to bed, working tomorrow for Villeroy & Boch. Can't be too tired or I'll break all the china lol!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Christmas In July Swap

I was so excited to receive a parcel from my secret santa in a Christmas in July swap I participated recently. I had to guess who was my secret santa and it was just too easy. Jules! I could tell from the get go by her handwriting on the parcel lol!

She added gorgeous embellishments to this pretty wooden box including my name on the top.

Peter Alexander Doughnuts that I coveted around Christmas time last year. Jullie remembered and sent them to me in this swap! I have put them under the glass of my coffee table.

Little blue velvet bird. I have a "thing" for bird decorations. You can see some of the decorations on the box a little better in this picture.

Vintage china basket which I am using on my desk to hold some of the tags Jullie made for me.

Cute pink teddy, candle, soap, silk corsage and inspiration tags.

My fave, the doughnuts in close up!
Thanks so much Jullie, you are such a sweetheart!