Thursday, April 17, 2008

Parlour-Office-Studio Inspired by Mamie Eisenhower

Yes, I am still busy decorating in my mind! We are still looking for out next home but that hasn't stopped me from planning how every room is going to look! This room, my office-parlour-studio, is inspired by the the fabulous wife of President Eisenhower, Mamie. Mamie Eisenhower was the first lady from 1953 to 1961 and pink was Mamie’s favorite color. She wore a pink gown with 2,000 pink rhinestones to Ike’s inauguration (she is pictured in this dress above.) Ike sent her pink flowers every morning (very well trained hubby.) Her bathroom in Gettysburg was pink down to the cotton balls. She re-decorated the private quarters in the White House in pink. So much so that reporters called it the “Pink Palace.” I have been unable to find any pictures of Mamie's decorating. Pink down to the cotton balls would be fabulous to see! Seeing as this room will be for me, I am going to town with the colour pink!

Pretty shade of pink paint by Dulux called "Fairy Wings." Feature wall in Cath Kidston Antique Rose wallpaper.

Gorgeous chandelier from An Enchanted Cottage

Must have pretty craft supplies! The ones below are by Martha Stewart. Fabulous vintage pink typewriter. I would love to have a collection of these. I have seen an aqua one which is just as cool as this.

LCD screen pink tv. I am yet to see these in Australia. The only pink tv's I have seen are your old 34cm type by Hello Kitty or Bratz. Now I can be quite immature some times but a Bratz TV is a little too much.

Pink sateen sofa to snuggle up with boyfriend Ryan, see picture below for your viewing pleasure.

Choices, choices...which rug to roll around with Ryan on? The pretty pink or gorgeous green? Might have to give them both a whirl.

Here is my annoyance at the moment. You can't get an attractive, stylish office chair here in Australia which will suit a vintage style home.
The ones below would be perfect, but of course they are from the US.
I am thinking of trying to make one. You can buy computer chair bases seperately from ikea. Then finding a nice chair, cutting the legs off and attaching the base.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Dining Area

This post also appears on my group blog, "Pretty Chic Rooms." This month we are showing our dining rooms. Click here to go to the blog.
I would LOVE to have a proper dining room but alas, we have a dining AREA.

These Meakin plates are on the wall right above the table.

Cafe sign with cookie cutters.

Pretty vintage table cloth.

Ashwell tablecloth, this one is my fave.

Please excuse the mess! Kids schoolbags and un-coordinated handbags on coat rail. Pedantic moi usually has bags on that rack that match the room!

Cupcake display on servery window.

Cake stand and cupid candle holder also on servery window.

Various centerpiece displays. The above and below are for Christmas.

Valentines Day.

Valentines Day.