Sunday, December 31, 2006

Selling on Ebay

New Years Eve and it is time to start selling again! I am hoping to earn some cash to pay for the kids school books and uniforms which I will soon be forking out for.
I listed a bunch of Cottage Ware. I love it but honestly, I collect about ten different things already and I don't have room for all those!
I am also listing a couple of books. "The Fourth Bear" by Jasper Fforde was hilarious an I look forward to his next book, a continuation of the Thursday Next series.
The other book is by Stephen King, "Lisey's Story." I have read King since I was a kid and especially loved his "Dark Tower" series. The inept way he ended that series plus the patronising letter to his readers has made me dislike the man, but still, this is a very good book.
Happy New Year to everyone in Blogland and Blog on!

Friday, December 29, 2006

For Santa!

Here is what my Jon and the kids put out for Santa;
Two Cherry Ripes and a Moro on a pink Wedgwood plate.
A mug of milk in a Wedgwood Queens Silver Jubilee china mug.
A pink enamel colander filled with gourmet lettuce for the reindeers.
And a present for Santa from my daughter, Laetia.
Santa must think we are very posh!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Corner of My Home

Post Christmas sales start today! Target has the same chandeliers I have in our living room for only $35! I want to get one for our bedroom.
Here is a corner of my kitchen. My brother got me the pink scales for my birthday. I use it as a fruit bowl. The green fruit bowl is depression glass.
The mosaic stuck to the tiles is a trivet made of the Meakin pattern I collect.
Wow, the fridge looks messy, must get some order to that!
You can see the christmas baubles I added to my candelabra. I took all my christmas decorations down yesterday as I had had them up since November.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Craft Box & Decluttering

I have made it my aim to have every drawer and cupboard organised by the time the kids start school in February. I am making ok progress considering it is Christmas and the busy time at work. I have given a ton of stuff away to the charity shops!
I found a pretty pink bead organiser in a thrift shop which was way better than the one I had. I took the opportunity to organise my beads and bits by colour and found that they were mostly the three main colours of my last house!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I just had to add these - Shabbyfufu!

I was browsing my fave web store, Shabbyfufu, to see if there was anything new and I found some gorgeous things! The floor lamp chandelier is stunning! Click on the title above to visit Shabbyfufu.

I love raggy patchwork

Thank goodness for ebay or I would never be able to afford all the lovely quilts and cushions I have bought. I have a huge collection of these, too many really. My husband is always swearing and tossing my cushions across the room saying that "they get in his way" lol!
My favourite is this raggy patchwork quilt in the photo, I have it on the back of my couch.
The cushion pictured is also one of my favourites, I like the combination of chenille, pink and roses.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dream '50's Style Appliances

Full on day at work, lots of unpacking and marking things down for the post Christmas sales. I have to work tomorrow (Christmas Eve) as well and I am looking forward to it all being over!
I thought I would share some photos of my dream kitchen appliances by "Smeg." They look exactly like the ones made in the 1950's but have modern European technology. They cost a bucket load and I think the marriage would be over if my husband ever came home to these!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Random Cath Kidston

Off to work today to unpack many boxes of china and glass for the after christmas sale. Of course, if there is anything that catches my eye I will be setting it aside for myself!
This blog for me is an online visual diary of all my favourite things. I adore Cath Kidstons designs and thought I would post some pics I have.
Here she is in her kitchen, isn't it gorgeous?
The biscuit tin is one that I bought recently from Freedom. It is not Cath Kidston but is very much in her style. The pattern is actually called "Nanna" lol!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pretty In Pink Thrift Shopping

This is the mostly PINK haul I mentioned from a massive thrift shop hunt.
I got four of these oriental paper lanterns. I haven't worked out what to do with these as yet, I will have to think about it.

The pink depression glass bowl was $2 and no chips! The pattern on the Royal Albert saucer is one of my favourites, "Blossom Time." The other saucer is Royal Vale and is lined up with others behind the hotplates.
The large pink plate is old souvenir ware, sometimes called "musk ware." This one commemorates the eruption of a volcano!
I got a few cute christmas decorations - two vintage angels and a crocheted bell.
The white daisy is actually an old Avon perfume brooch from the 1970's. It opens up and there is still creme perfume inside!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another Ebay Blowout!

Carters price guide by Alan Carter. These are always great to have and the older editions are collectibles in their own right and worth a fortune. Alan Carter is also a bit of a fox for an old guy, he has the most yummy London accent!
Some Hot pink crystals for the chandeliers, about 20 of them. Those ring connectors are a pain in the bum, I will have to change those.
More birds! About a dozen of them! And pink ones too!
I found my first blue prayer lady on eBay Australia! I am hankering for the other colours now. The pink little girl is a pepper shaker and I thought she would look good with my other ladies :)

The pink crystal prisms are for my chandeliers and candelabras. I have started taking off a lot of the baubles on the candelabra and have just left the aqua ones and of course, my beloved glass birds :) I strung one large and five small crystal prisms together and made about eight of them all up. These have now been added to the bottom arms of the candelabra.
Well after checking my credit card balance this morning (and that put me in a FOUL mood!) this will be my last blowout until the New Year. Without the selling on eBay to balance it all out, I really notice the difference in the old bank account.

Pretty Purple & Pink Lights

Here are some pics of the purple and pink lights I mentioned in my last post. I will be leaving these on after I pack up the rest of my Christmas gear. The colours aren't traditional Christmas colours so I think I can get away with it!
I have started taking photos of the things I will be listing on eBay after Christmas. I am listing this tablecloth pictured. It is gorgeous with lots of roses. It doesn't look quite right with my decor so it must go, alas!
Yesterday I worked and the shops were full on busy. It is also stinking hot here and making everyone very cranky.
After work I was feeling fed up so I went to a couple of shabby chic boutiques to cheer myself up.
The girl in one (whom I happen to know is the owner of the shop) was a right little cow. She didn't make eye contact or acknowledge me in any way. She also spoke on the phone nearly the whole time, even going into the store room for part of the conversation.
If I was so inclined, I could have had a shoplifting field day!
The other store is lovely. They always greet you and are happy to help with any queries. I bought some more bird decorations from them. One is a pink, white and silver peacock.
They are in Ardross and the shop is called "La Belle Maison."

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fred Flare

Have been feeling down in the dumps today due to very little sleep. I thought I would try and cheer myself up with some pretty pictures from "Fred Flare." What groovy things they have! I can so see myself wearing that Tinkerbell necklace!
You can visit the website by clicking on the title above.
I visited Ikea yesterday afternoon to buy a floor rug for my son's room. It is very cool. Blue stripes with two medieval dragons. I also got a strand of Christmas lights which are purple with little pinkish lights, now reduced to $6.95.
My mum told me today that she felt sorry for my husband having to live with all my girly stuff. I told her that I felt sorry for her living in a beige house, with her beige life and how uninspired she must feel every day!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vintage Christmas Swap

I participated in the Vintage Christmas Swap (see link on side bar) and I had a great swap with Connie from Serious Mumbo Jumbo (click on the title above to see her blog.)
She knew I liked pink as everything was themed around this colour!
I adore the English teacup and saucer with little rose sprigs (roses are my fave!) and the vintage Christmas baubles are gorgeous although I was devastated as one was smashed by the postman!
The gorgeous porcelain fairy would have been great on my tree but my little girl insists it is hers - she has it on her dressing table with all her "collections." She also took the pretty shabby chic style basket everything came in and the chocolates too!
I also got a delish box of Christmas cards which I am going to send to the girls from my shabby chic yahoo group, they are gonna love them!
I haven't tried the Wedgwood tea yet but it gave me nostalgic memories of the company I worked for for six years.
There was also a Victorian style CD of Christmas songs and some old gold table napkins, both lovely!
Thank you so much Connie, what a generous and lovely person you are! I hope you like your parcel from me and I hope you get it real soon!

Everyday Is A Holiday

I was reading another blog when I came across an entry about Jenny and her gorgeous cupcake art. Now you know that I have a thing for cupcakes. I have just bought five new ones for my cupcake stacker!
Jenny has a blog and she also sells on eBay. I thought that I would share some pics of her yummy Christmas and Easter decorations for sale.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holidays Shabby FuFu

One of my fave webshops, shabbyfufu, has some wonderful Christmas finds this year. The wreaths made of mercury glass baubles and garlands are the best ever. There are also some gorgeous little vintage trees.
The pair of teacup lamps are absolutely to die for! What a fabulous present to find under the Christmas tree! Some of the china they use to make these is so divine, I don't know how they can bear drilling through them!
The boxes of pink shiny-brites would have been perfect for my tree this year. What a lush shade of pink.
It's my little boy's birthday today. 7 years old! We got him lots of King Kong and Godzilla toys and he had his party with all his friends last week.