Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pretty In Pink Thrift Shopping

This is the mostly PINK haul I mentioned from a massive thrift shop hunt.
I got four of these oriental paper lanterns. I haven't worked out what to do with these as yet, I will have to think about it.

The pink depression glass bowl was $2 and no chips! The pattern on the Royal Albert saucer is one of my favourites, "Blossom Time." The other saucer is Royal Vale and is lined up with others behind the hotplates.
The large pink plate is old souvenir ware, sometimes called "musk ware." This one commemorates the eruption of a volcano!
I got a few cute christmas decorations - two vintage angels and a crocheted bell.
The white daisy is actually an old Avon perfume brooch from the 1970's. It opens up and there is still creme perfume inside!


  1. You stayed so true to your palette! I always end up with something blue or orange or yellow in there. (I had lanterns like that once, I bought them in chinatown in London. Good times..)

  2. That angel is perfect!

  3. I end up with other colours too but they usually end up on ebay! I use pale green and blue in the house too, so I try and stick to the three colours.

  4. what delicious goodies!!! love the pic of your tree.

  5. PETA,
    Good day at the thrift store I would say!! Like Sarah and Jack said you are good at staying with your theme. pretty in pink. Lots of cute things.
    NANCY Jo

  6. So nice to meet you! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. You wouldn't know it from my home, but I LOVE PINK! If I ever have another home... it is going to have lots of pink! Your finds are delicious.. love them AND your blog!

  7. I love that pink angel. Pink depresssion glass is a special find, isn't it. Went to a lady's house recently who had collected whole cabinets of it. She was dedicated.

  8. Wow, what a haul. I especially love the dainty volcano plate, so wrong somehow, but so fabulous.

  9. shopper1:08 PM

    Oh what fun! I love thrift store shopping! You posted some great finds. It makes me wanna get busy! ;)