Monday, September 01, 2008

Omigod, I listed on Ebay!

I have been missing in action, again. Thankfully I don't have four jobs anymore, just two! I do spend three days a week at least at my job at the furniture shop. The pay sucks, we don't get commission and the customers are nasty. There is only one reason that I haven't moved on - STAFF DISCOUNT.
It is brilliant. Usually around 50 percent off most items. I have been slowly swapping my living room over to a more grown up theme. I am going for a blue and silver scheme with a bit of pink sneakily added :)

Recycled pine bookcase from work with some blue milk glass and silver bits I have scrounged from thrift shops.

The room has had blue curtains and cushions added since this photo was taken. I am painting the green wall pearlescent blue on the weekend. All I will need then is a new floor rug.
The TV cabinet and coffee table are my new "grown up" pieces of furniture from work.

I have also listed on eBay. Two items today and two more tomorrow. I don't like the direction eBay has taken lately. They have stripped all the power from sellers, eg; not being able to leave negative feedback.
Unfortunately there is no alternative that is even half as popular.

Villeroy & Boch 2007 teddy Christmas decoration.

Vintage jelly moulds.

New Breville cooking utensils in fave shabby chic colours, pink and aqua.

Spring 2008 copy of Romantic Country. Love this mag, must remember to get a subscription as it is SO hard to find.
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