Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Village

Dang, this is my 200th post!

My little Christmas village set up around the base of hubby's beloved LCD TV. All the houses are vintage and a little warped as you can see.

Full view of all the decorating on the tv cabinet.

I have really been loading up this baby LOL! Not many vintage finds this year, alas. This is a way bigger tree than my pink one from last year. It takes a ton of decorations.
I didn't have room for my pink tree this year. I also have a pink fiber optic feather tree and some fibre optic houses along with Royal Albert and Villeroy Christmas stuff all in my store room. My sneaky husband packed it all in such a way that I will kill myself with a ton of boxes on my head if I try to get at them. He says we have enough Christmas "crap" in the house.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Wreath

I was feeling very creative on the weekend and finally got around to making a tinsel and bauble wreath. It was super easy and harly took any time at all.

I wrapped a strand of pink and silver tinsel around a cane wreath. It only needed one strand. I stuck down the ends with hot glue.

I then attached glass and plastic baubles directly onto the cane using a hot glue gun. Easy peasy!

Some new baubles I bought at the Galleria today. I saw these earlier in the season but they were quite expensive. Only $4 each at a gift shop in the Galleria!
My Christmas shopping is pretty much done except for some little bits and pieces. The shops are going mad now and I wish I could stay away. Unfortunately I have to work in them!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Christmas

Still trying to get the hang of this new camera so please excuse these photos.
The kids finished school today for the year and they don't go back until February the 4th. EEEEKKKKK!

This is the lilac Christmas tree I got off ebay earlier in the year for $20. I was stoked as they cost around $200 in the shops. I have added lots more decorations since this photo. I bought some matching purple lights from Ikea and found some fab French inspired decorations at Kmart. Pink and decorated with poodles!

My Ikea coffee table before I decorated it for Christmas. Glass goes on top of the shadow boxes.

I painted it pale green as I have been wanting to do this for a while. It matches the feature wall in this room. I have more stuff to add to this when I can find a spare minute!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Glam Trash Button Christmas Tree

I was inspired by Sarah to make a button tree for Christmas this year. Ok, I was inspired by it last year when she first made it but I was too lazy to get around to it.
She said it was time consuming and I didn't believe her. Sarah, I believe you now! This took FOREVER. It also cleaned out nearly my entire bead box and all my pins. I had to buy at least six more packets of pins and various beads and buttons. I also begged my mum for a whole lot of buttons, some which are quite old.
I couldn't find hardly any buttons in the thrift stores and they were too expensive to buy new. So I decided to go with what I had in my bead box. Lots of faux gems and rhinestones and various broken jewelry.
Please excuse the photos. I have a new camera and have not got the hang of it yet. Everything looks grainy and grey.
The first picture is when the tree was half done. Looking at the other pictures I have just noticed that the rhinestone buckle is missing! I bet my little girl has swiped it!