Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shopping Eases The Pain!

I have been ordering lots of furniture from work as we are about to have a price rise (well that's how I am justifying it to the husband!)
I bought a gorgeous dressing table or desk which was the last of it's kind so I had to grab it. It is covered in mirrors like the Laura Ashley Venetian furniture range. The mirrors on the one I have bought have an aged patina.
Sorry, no photos of it as yet. I am leaving it on the shop floor for as long as possible as I have no room for it.
When we move it is destined to become a fab OTT entry table!

I actually got this mirror for free as the glass was broken. An easy thing to get fixed but one i keep forgetting about!

This chest of drawers is for my daughter. She has promised me that she won't draw on it!

I still love this cushion by Shabby Chic but at nearly $300 I can't justify the price.

I must have this cute enamel toothbrush holder! It is from an English web store called Berry Red.

Oh, and this fab antique brass tap! We do door knobs, lights, handles and locks in this finish at work, but alas, no taps or other plumbing fittings!

I adore the sink in this kitchen, it would be so much easier to keep clean than stainless steel. I love the free standing units on either side and the tea towel skirt under the sink.

I have wanted these enamel Reiss pots for years but have never come across them.

And finally, a picture of a to die for kitchen - pink, white, retro yet romantic. Bliss!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our House

Firstly, what a great idea for using the stacks of vintage plates most of us have! The "Love" lettering is cute but you could put anything. In a girls room with her name, in a kitchen with "cuisine" or similar on them, just about anywhere!

And I just love Silhouettes lately, antique and new. These plates are actually melamine.

I have been taking photos of the house as I am going to try and sell it myself. I have put the photos on facebook but that is all, so far. Ebay is my next stop!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cath Kidston

Jon's Dad got remarried last weekend. My daughter Laetia was the flowergirl and Jon gave the bride away (don't ask.) The bride is younger than me (don't even go there!)

Here is Laetia.

My Father-in-law, his new wife and my husband Jon.

My kids, Lucas and Laetia.

And yes, this is me :)

So Cath Kidston has a new collection out and I think it is one of her best. Softer, pretty patterns instead of the bright, retro prints of previous years.
I swear one day I am going to have a feature wall of Cath Kidston wall paper. It is going to take some very hard persuading and various "favours" for Jon to agree to that one!

Isn't this radio to die for?

This is my fave of her new prints, a pretty rose patchwork.

Until next time!