Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cath Kidston

Jon's Dad got remarried last weekend. My daughter Laetia was the flowergirl and Jon gave the bride away (don't ask.) The bride is younger than me (don't even go there!)

Here is Laetia.

My Father-in-law, his new wife and my husband Jon.

My kids, Lucas and Laetia.

And yes, this is me :)

So Cath Kidston has a new collection out and I think it is one of her best. Softer, pretty patterns instead of the bright, retro prints of previous years.
I swear one day I am going to have a feature wall of Cath Kidston wall paper. It is going to take some very hard persuading and various "favours" for Jon to agree to that one!

Isn't this radio to die for?

This is my fave of her new prints, a pretty rose patchwork.

Until next time!


  1. Hi Peta, what a cute flowergirl Laetia was. Mmm... men... interesting wedding!!LOL
    Cath Kidston has so many gorgeous things

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Hi Peta,
    Laetia looked gorgeous as flower girl. I am having a giggle about your discription of the wedding, interesting to say the least! Don't worry every family has them though!!!!
    I am loving the the Cath Kidston range, I am going to go & check out the web site now.
    Sarah xxx

  3. Hi Peta

    Now I know what you look like - lovely photo of you and your daughter is a cuttie as is your hubby.
    I think I may have an even more interesting wedding which happened in our family a few weeks ago - sorry not going to tell though

    I love the Cath Kidston range, although some of her products are a little out of my price range.

    Nice to hear from you

  4. Lucas and Laetia are such beautiful children.
    That radio is to die for, I want one....
    I love your blog by the way, I'm new here and hyperlinking my way around blogland. I think I'm lost (HaHa).

  5. What a sweet little Flowergirl!! How exciting for her to have such a wonderful part in the wedding!!
    Loving the new Cath kidston stuff!! YUMMO!!

  6. dear peta..just quickly looked at your blog..Oh you are soo young & gorgeous..

    shall have a good read tomorrow..and you sound like me"suck at blogging'..

    I suck at knowing what i am i am going to put you in my fav spot...

    I think we both have a cath kidston fettish!!


  7. Cute little flower girl and it's good to see a photo of you! It's a good photo! Did you say you are on facebook? I keep up with my family on it, if you want send me an email and I'll friend request you. I find it takes less time then blogging. Are you keeping up with Lost? I know Sawyer is one of your faves! Take care, had fun catching up with your blog!

  8. I never would have pictured you with curly hair. Your kids are so adorable! I want those Cath Kidson cups.

  9. Laetia is such a very beautiful child. She looks like a fairy in her dress.