Monday, March 16, 2009

Our House

Firstly, what a great idea for using the stacks of vintage plates most of us have! The "Love" lettering is cute but you could put anything. In a girls room with her name, in a kitchen with "cuisine" or similar on them, just about anywhere!

And I just love Silhouettes lately, antique and new. These plates are actually melamine.

I have been taking photos of the house as I am going to try and sell it myself. I have put the photos on facebook but that is all, so far. Ebay is my next stop!


  1. Hi Peta, what a great plate idea. Your house looks gorgeous! Fingers crossed! Rachaelxo

  2. Merci pour ton gentil commentaire et de ton passage sur mon blog.
    C'est très jolie chez toi et je voie que toi aussi tu aimes le rose et le shabby.
    Je te mets dans mes liens.

  3. Hi Peta
    I love the idea of the plates!

    Your house is looking lovely!!!

    Good luck

  4. Hehehe theres the lobster...

  5. Soo Charming!!

    And oh my oh my ..what an amazing collection of thermoses!! So so funn!!!

    Thanks so much for your kindness Peta!!

    Best Wishes!!
    xoxo Jenny