Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hi There

Sorry I haven't been around much what with all my jobs, kids, house, husband, etc. I am a bit fed up with it all and very tired!
One of my newer jobs is with a furniture store that sells country and shabby, french furniture. I am so hanging out for my staff discount to kick in!
I want just about every piece of white furniture that they make to replace all the crappy Ikea furniture I have.

Still playing around with my new camera, this was using the macro setting. I am getting a little better at using it.

I am taking lots of pictures of our little house as we are going to sell very soon now. I want to remember it how it was before I start packing away all the girly collectables.
Have been reading some great books about staging your home for selling. The main idea that I took away from my reading was to de-personalise your home so that buyers can easily imagine all their own furniture etc, there.

Himself sprawled out on the couch. A little touch of masculinity for a very feminine room!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kebab Recipe & Shopping!

Firstly, the recipe for the Rosemary Skewer Kebabs I mentioned in my last post for Shann and Siobhan, courtesy of Mr Jamie Oliver!

How to make the Skewers;

1. Get a bunch of Rosemary
2. Keeping the leafy tops on, run your fingers down the stalk to remove the rest of the leaves.
3. Sharpen the tip of each stalk by cutting across at an angle.
4. Voila! Ready to use as a skewer!

Chicken Kebabs

1. Cut into 1 inch squares and place into a bowl of marinade. Jamie's is more complicated, Jon used a mix of soy sauce, plum sauce and oyster sauce. More of the plum, just a dash of the others.
2. For the veggies, we used red onions, red, green and yellow capsicums (sweet peppers) zucchini, mushrooms, carrots and cherry tomatoes.
3. Jon baked these in the oven. He got a large pan and sprayed it with the olive oil mister. Once the kebabs are in the pan give them another spray. Use good quality olive oil or it will taste like vom.
4. We have a fan forced oven, he put it on 180 degrees. Sorry, don't know what that is in the old temperature.
5. Only needs about 10 minutes. Check a piece to see if it is cooked.

I discovered a new shop here in Perth. They have a website too. The address is
The above pictured are door mats, aren't they divine?

What first caught my eye was the many different coloured flasks in the window, similar to those pictured above. I so want to go back there and get all the colours I don't have!