Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hi There

Sorry I haven't been around much what with all my jobs, kids, house, husband, etc. I am a bit fed up with it all and very tired!
One of my newer jobs is with a furniture store that sells country and shabby, french furniture. I am so hanging out for my staff discount to kick in!
I want just about every piece of white furniture that they make to replace all the crappy Ikea furniture I have.

Still playing around with my new camera, this was using the macro setting. I am getting a little better at using it.

I am taking lots of pictures of our little house as we are going to sell very soon now. I want to remember it how it was before I start packing away all the girly collectables.
Have been reading some great books about staging your home for selling. The main idea that I took away from my reading was to de-personalise your home so that buyers can easily imagine all their own furniture etc, there.

Himself sprawled out on the couch. A little touch of masculinity for a very feminine room!


  1. Peta sounds like a great place to be working. No wonder you are hanging out for the staff discount.

  2. ooh good luck with the house sale peta. Still staying in perth area? Good luck with the staff discount, always worth waiting for, good timing for the new house too!
    alicia ~ time worn style

  3. Hi there to you too Peta..I hate the house selling bit, we have done it so, so many times, I guess you just have to suss out what is best for you, I've no doubt you'll make a wonderful job of it, I hope hubby on the couch is an extra bonus!!

  4. Men don't need much masculinity in a house. Just a place to sit, eat and sleep and they should be good. right? lol!


  5. Love your venetion mirrors!! And a new home to decorate, fun fun!! Visit my blog I have something for you !!

  6. Hi Peta!

    WOW, a new house to are going to have so much fun with your staff discount! lol.

    Have you got a house in mind yet or area???


  7. Good luck with the move. Your house looks so pretty.

  8. Love all the venetian mirrors Peta! Good luck with selling your home!

  9. Hi Peta, I too have been a bad blogger but I'm on the catch up tonight. Luv your wall of mirrors they are gorgeous... How lucky my dream job to work in one of those stores Everyday Living is one of my favourites even though they are getting a bit too modern for me. I bought nearly everything they have and it's just no fun anymore but I'm sure with a staff discount it would be... Good luck with the selling and buying thing hopefully it will all go smoothly.
    Have a great night.

  10. Love the pic of himself on the sofa Peta. What men do best, eh.
    Don't believe all the books you read about selling your house. Declutter a little bit maybe, put on some coffee, soft music & light some candles when there's an inspection, works like a charm. Good luck, hope you find another gorgeous home.
    Coll :-}

  11. Hey Luvvie :)

    HA HA at Jon on the couch! Shane is the same and im like GET OFF MY CUSHIONS !
    What Mum said is right. A bit of music (Enya is always good), candles flickering , a nice aroma thru the house (fresh bread if you have a bread maker, or cinnamon, Nothing sweet like vanilla or rose, it can get up peoples noses), all those things make you feel welcome and cosy when you walk in, like you can imagine yourself living there and feeling really 'At Home'. Hope that helps ya toots.

    Oh and YAY you get to decorate all over again WOOOOHOOOOO.

    xo Shann

  12. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Hey Peta,
    You lucky thing working in a furniture store! I am seriously envious! I hope all goes well with the sale of your house, keep us posted.
    Love & Hugs,
    Sarah xx

  13. Hi Peta,

    You work so hard! Good luck with your house sale and why is it the hubby always ends up on the couch. LOL Take care.

  14. Love Himself on feminine sofa! Thanks for finding my blog and saying hello! Cindy

  15. Hello Peta,

    I have a few suprises going on over my blog so drop by. xo

    Siobhan xo