Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tom & Cupcakes

Interest rates rose again yesterday and it looks like they will in May, also. It has really put the brakes on us buying a new place.
Our Reserve Bank is trying to lower inflation by decreasing the amount of money consumers have to spend. We are all being told to basically, stop shopping! But hello! I work in retail. If people stop spending, I am out of a job as are thousands of others!
The house values in Perth are dropping. That is great for us as buyers, but not so good as sellers. Still, the average house price is around $500K in Perth. We are seriously thinking about moving to another state.
Tasmania and Victoria are our best bets. I am planning to go to Tasmania in July to check it out.

Tom thinks our house belongs to him. He may have a point, he gets away with murder. I screamed at him to get off the computer and this is what he did...

Turned his back on me!

This cake stand is now entirely filled with china trinket box cupcakes. You can see in the photo one last faux cupcake at the top but it has since been replaced!

I now officially hate my new camera. My old 4 megapixel Kodak took better photos than this Richoh piece of crap. Biggest mistake ever. I am sticking with Kodak next time.


  1. Oh my goodness that cake stand and those cupcakes....GORGEOUS!

    You might like to pop over to my blog and checkout how useful my kitties are proving around the garden!

  2. Yes, how ridiculous are the interest rates getting??? It will really hurt some families.

    I am in love with cupcake stand! Would love that collection!!

    Also, what camera did you get?

  3. That looks so pretty Peta - the cupcakes that is not Tom.
    Funny how cats think they own the world and everything in it!!LOL

  4. Hiya Peta, nice to see you blogging again, all work and no play. yeesh the prices have gone up in perth since I lived there, used to be half the price of Melbourne. hey if you move to Vic you already know some of us here! I hope people dont stop shopping too, otherwise I'm out of work as well :0(
    Alicia ~ time worn style
    PS. I have always had CANON digital cameras, they can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.

  5. Oh Peta, you poor love. Sounds like you had a hard day. I just want to know who the heck has all that money to spend? Just don't move to Sydney, we can barely afford to eat over here. Anyhoo, your cupcake stand looks absolutely gorgeous, so does Tom. Bloody cats!
    Coll :-}

  6. Aww Peta thats so bad,But Neil says you are really someone as you have been ignored by a cat !Lol i must be someone really great mine ignore me all the time.

  7. You cat is so funny Peta! He's obviously king in your house. I love your cupcake boxes. They must be an Australia thing. I have never seen any.

  8. I love your kitty, he's so cute. And those cupcakes, they are great. I've never heard of a Richoh camera but the pics don't look bad at all. Have a good weekend Peta.

  9. Hi Peta
    I know a family who have recently moved to Tassie, they bought a beautiful big house for a a very reasonable price, you just have to make sure the works plentiful over there and the pays OK. Tom looks like he'll be the boss where ever you move too! Won't we all be in serious trouble if people stop buying. Good luck with it all

  10. Hi Peta, well done on completing your cup cake stand, it is gorgeous. I'm with you re the interest rates- it sucks!!! Tassie and Victoria are both gorgeous in my books. Mel xxx

  11. Yes, please come to Victoria...not Tasmania!!! We would love to have you here Peta!
    Tom looks very relaxed there, lol.
    Siobhan xo

  12. Simply Beautiful! I LOVE all those cupcakes in the stand...

  13. I'm finding the whoel logic of interest rates a bit hard to nderstand - I think you explained it well for me. It's weird.
    Tom is hilarious. Makes me want a cat to live at my house.

  14. Those cupcakes are the cutest ever! I am so in love with faux cupcakes as you can see from my blog! :)