Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ghetto Kitchen

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This is the kitchen in our last house. We rented it off my parents so I was able to paint it however I liked.
I went a little nuts and painted nearly every wall in the house a different colour! I was young, that is my excuse!

It had the most revolting tiles. I had heaps of tin signs and artwork covering every possible inch of it. Thinking back, why didn't I just paint them?

The cupboards were falling apart. The front of this drawer used to come off all of the time because the drawer was warped. The door fell off the cupboard under the sink so I make up a fabric skirt with some Cath Kidston rose fabric. The kids loved it under there, it was a cubby house for them!
Can you see how the tiles are coming off in this picture? I thank God we are out of that dump. We may not live in a great area but at least this place is fully renovated.


  1. I love all of your pink goodies!!

  2. So many pretty pink things in your kitchen.

  3. But look at all your pretty pink goodness!!

  4. I'll check out the other blog but I got to say I love all of your pink. Too pretty.

  5. Love love all the pink pretties Peta!

  6. Love love all the pink pretties Peta!

  7. I love all your pink goodies! I wish the US had stuff like you Aussie's are able to buy! I want a popcorn crock or whatever it's called. I love it!!

  8. Now that is my kind of kitchen! Pink is my absolute FAVORITE! The kitty must like all the pink too.lol

  9. I love your kitchen. Where can I post images of mine? I love to share! Sorry I didn't catch up with you while I was in Perth. I did try, though :)