Friday, June 29, 2007


Went thrift shopping with my husband in tow recently, a very bad idea as he "hates all this old shit" as he so charmingly puts it.
He rushed me through the thrift shops but I did manage to grab this divine stool for $2. White, chippy paint with a roses tapestry seat.

The stack of books are old car manuals that my dad gave me to sell on ebay for him. I have more than enough of my own to sell at the moment. We want to put our place on the market so I need to sell all the things I am not in love with anymore in preparation for a house move.

I also bought this huge tray from the 1950's with lovely ballerina decorations.
It is currently on the bottom shelf of this ikea coffee table holding all the remotes and xbox accessories.

I just HAD to paint this coffee table white. It has inserts where you can display things under glass. At the moment I have put in old plates, sea shells, fairy stones and old photos. Even ikea can be made vintage chic!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ebay Auctions This Week 21/6

I went for a job interview today to work at the Markets in an old fashioned toy shop. They had so many of the Russian nesting dolls that I love! I spotted a gorgeous pink and gold one.
This job would be great for me because it is in an affluent area with fantastic thrift stores! Is that an insane reason to want a job? Because of its proximity to my favourite op shops?
I am a bit late as usual posting this weeks auctions. They all finish on Sunday.

Old Carlton Ware tea set in a very dark green. I have never seen this pattern before!

Love the Missoni styling of this top!

Brand new Stella McCartney t-shirt. It has a bird print!

Pink kitchen scales. I used to use these as a display item in my kitchen but I was given another pink set for Christmas. I use my new scales as a fruit bowl and to weigh eBay parcels. As you can surmise, I am NOT a baker!

Pink enamel ware vase from my collection. I put the transfer on myself. It actually looks like a real painted rose!

New floral print shoes. Wish these fit me as they are SO shabby chic!

Pretty pink light weight knit.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Belated Wedding Picture & Plates

Lori recently had a wedding week and I meant to show some photos but never got around to it.

Jon and I got married in January 1999. It was a nice day. I am not a big wedding person, really. Funny really when my house is so girly that I have never been into the big white dress and overpriced reception. My Dad offered me $10,000 dollars at the time to elope and I so should have taken it. Mum would have been upset though.
Jon and I are posing here in the grounds of the University Of WA, not in a jungle!

Sandwich plates in Alfred Meakin "Elegance." My goal is to one day have one of each of the six different colours. Only three to go!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Lovely Friend

My friend Jullie from Jullie's World sent me this lovely surprise package recently.

I was overjoyed that she had sent me this sweet little cup that matches the "Elegance" by Alfred Meakin pattern that I collect.

Jullie makes these tags herself. She designed them using some of my favourite photos. You can order these from her by contacting her at her blog. I am using these tags as thank you cards with my auctions. It makes me feel very professional!

Jullie also made this gorgeous glittery tag card about girlfriends and this cute primitive heart. Click on the picture to see what it says, very amusing!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ebay Auctions This Week

Thanks for all the comments about my scrapbooks. I really enjoy flicking through magazines at the newsagency to see if they are "scrapbook worthy."
Ikea is having a big clearance sale so my friend and I are off to check it out. I want some of those glass clip frames for my daughters artwork (she loves to paint.)

Below are all the things I am selling on ebay this week. Click here to got to my auctions.

This is a gorgeous eggshell porcelain vintage tea set. In the harlequin style, popular in the 1950's.

The prettiest pinup girl heels! Wish they were my size!

Vintage pin cushion, made of old greeting cards with millinery flower decoration.

Old Italian Florentine tray.

Two "Bollywood Chic" cushion covers!

Gorgeous "Cafe" sign pour La Cuisine!

New black strappy heels.

And more measuring cups for those that missed out :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Scapbook and Ugly Betty

My husband picked up an exercise bike for me (on sale at Kmart - 50% off!) which is fantastic as it has been very stormy weather here and it has been difficult to go walking. It has also been challenging getting the washing dry (no dryer, we usually don't need them here) and certain family members, I am ashamed to say, have been forced to go commando!
I was using the exercise bike while watching Ugly Betty and although I love the show, her hair really bugs me. Why can't she tie it back and get that hair out of her eyes?
And another thing; her father seems to be unemployed, is an illegal immigrant, Betty and her sister don't have the best paid jobs but they can afford braces for Betty AND the sister's kid? Call me Cruise, but aren't braces really expensive? Like, thousands of dollars?

I can't post without pictures. Here are some of my "Dream Home" scrapbooks. I love adding all the gorgeous, inspiring things I find in magazines.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ebay Auctions This Week

I have only five auctions this week. I still feel cruddy with this cold I have and am finding it hard to get motivated.
Click here to go to my auctions.

This is a gorgeous enamelware bowl in one of my fave colour combo's, blue and red.

Vintage chenille bedspread. One day I will keep one of these for myself! My husband hates them though, he calls them "granny blankets." Philistine!

Chintz stove burner covers, great for jazzing up what can be an ugly part of the kitchen.

Great book, heaps of projects and inspiration pages.

Vintage Japanese cookie jar. Love the cute mouse on the cats head!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another Ebay Blowout

Haven't shown my latest finds on eBay for a while so here goes!

Wooden word "chic". What appealed to me was that the colours are of the palette of my house.

I bought 20 of these chandelier crystal drops as they were such a good price. They are the pink Aurora Borealis type.

Little girl with bouquet figurine.

Robert Gordon cupcake for my cake stacker. This one was discontinued a while ago so I was glad to find it.

Victorian milk jug, in great condition.

The Alfred Meakin pattern I collect. This is a dinner plate.

Have been trying to get one of these for so long. Simply Shabby Chic sage green with roses shower curtain.
I have listed some items to sell today and I will be listing more on Tuesday. I will be posting photos of them all early this week.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Prettiest Tea Towel In The World

It is the first day of winter here and bloody dark and freezing. It is so hard to get up and motivated in the morning.
I went thrift shopping in Scarborough yesterday (beachside suburb) and I did fairly well. I got an eggshell porcelain harlequin teaset which I will probably sell as I don't have room for it!
I also got this tea towel which I think is the prettiest I have ever seen. I had to use it as a lamp table cloth as it would get ruined in the kitchen (my #$%@ husband likes to wipe up food spills with my tea towels.)
Only 50 cents!