Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Lovely Friend

My friend Jullie from Jullie's World sent me this lovely surprise package recently.

I was overjoyed that she had sent me this sweet little cup that matches the "Elegance" by Alfred Meakin pattern that I collect.

Jullie makes these tags herself. She designed them using some of my favourite photos. You can order these from her by contacting her at her blog. I am using these tags as thank you cards with my auctions. It makes me feel very professional!

Jullie also made this gorgeous glittery tag card about girlfriends and this cute primitive heart. Click on the picture to see what it says, very amusing!


  1. Yea, Peta nothing like stupid husbands to make us adore our best friends and blogging!!!! Hopefully (yea right) yours will get it together, know mine won't its hopeless! Love ya, Lori

  2. That is an amazing package!

  3. THese are all very Peta!!!