Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things I Want For Christmas

Yay, I got a GOOD new job! A permanent one which means we will be able to buy a new home soon and get out of this shoe box we are in.
I have been working a lot but have been doing some Christmas craft in the evenings while watching "Bargain Hunt" (love that show.)
Photos very soon!
Anyway, below are some of the things I want for Christmas.

Isn't this French inspired bed divine? Looks like something Marie Antoinette would have in her Petit Triannon. I am reading a biography on her at the moment, such an interesting woman.

Cath Kidston wallpaper. I could do so much with this. Feature wall, backing or lining for shelves, cover boxes and books....must have!

Pink LCD TV and DVD player for the boudoir.

Glam giant rubber duckie with feather boa. Aussie readers, David Jones have these.

Hand woven Aubusson rug in a super large size. The perfect anchor for the shabby chic living room.

Who can ever have enough diamonds?

Royal Winton wall vases to add to my collection.

French inspired desk and office chair. Love that chair!

And the gift that keeps on giving....Ryan Reynolds!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ebay & Target

Was in Target this morning trying to find this;

Eight piece baking set at a bargain price and PINK! I want those moulds not just for baking but making soaps and chocolates.

I also tried to find this half price Transformer for my collector brother and my son's best friend.
The word is TRIED. Like all Coles owned companies, Target is chronically under staffed. The only staff in the toy section was a teenage boy who was being monopolised by a surgically enhanced mum. Totally mesmerized by her plastic bosom, he was running all over Target fetching the stuff on her list.
Now I am thinking this woman might of been smarter than she looked. What a good way to get service. Note to self; wear push up bra and low cut top when I want service in under staffed shops (which have young males as employees.)
Anyway, I didn't get either of those things, both sold out straight away.

I bought this rose garland from Dusk and put it on top of the curtains in the living room. I liked it so much I thought I would sell one on ebay too. Click here to go to my auctions.

I just love the little Cath Kidston hand soaps and bath melts. They look fab in a glass jar in my bathroom. This is another item I have on ebay, the bath melts as pictured below.

Above is the cupboard door print I bought from Gail recently. At the front you can see the latest addition to my Josef Originals collection.
Here she is below!

And I just had to have this Christmas sign after seeing it on Mels blog. My kids have been whining, "Can't we just have a normal coloured Christmas tree?" And I said, of course you can. When you move out. What a mean mummy I am! Inflicting pink, lilac and white trees on the poor babies!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Facebook Is Cool

I quit my job at the homewares store this week. I have been dancing on air, I am just so bloody happy to be out of there.
On the bright side, it has shown me that I am more than able to run my own small business. Lets just say if we weren't in a boom time in my city at the moment I don't think this place would have survived.
The owners know about my blog so I won't say anymore except KARMA. What you put forth you get back.
Luckily I still have my job with Villeroy & Boch and of course, there is always eBay.
My cousin sent me a picture she found on facebook recently. It is of us at a pool party circa the summer of '86 - '87. I was 13! I am the one in the photo who is not in the pool, my cousin is in the middle.

Villeroy now has the new ice cream range in store. I really want this tray to prop behind my hotplates. It's plastic so it will be a whiz to clean!

I have made a new cooking gadget discovery. For someone who hates cooking, I love this!

It is an oil mister. You can use the best quality of olive oil and get a light mist so you are using less saving dollars and calories. Also it is goodbye to those icky aerosol olive oils.
They are $20 to $30 most places but I got mine from Woolworths for $9.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

12 Days Of Christmas

Not much to say today but I had to show these gorgeous plates I saw at Peters of Kensington this morning.

Rosanna plates that illustrate the 12 days of Christmas! What a wonderful, decorative display for the holidays!

While I was there I spotted these Rosanna cake recipe plates. Much more in my price range and they can stay out all year round. Note to self; somehow make space on my crammed kitchen walls for these beauties.