Thursday, November 01, 2007

12 Days Of Christmas

Not much to say today but I had to show these gorgeous plates I saw at Peters of Kensington this morning.

Rosanna plates that illustrate the 12 days of Christmas! What a wonderful, decorative display for the holidays!

While I was there I spotted these Rosanna cake recipe plates. Much more in my price range and they can stay out all year round. Note to self; somehow make space on my crammed kitchen walls for these beauties.


  1. Peta, I love those first lot of plates hmmm wonder if you can get them over here....

  2. Peta did you have to get me on to something else to look out for and collect, I do love them!

  3. Lovely plates, I'm too afraid to look my husband would say not another thing to collect too.
    Melissa xxxxxx

  4. I really like both set of plates. Never seen any like that. Very cool.

  5. Hi Peta, my first fair this month will be at Mueller Park in Subiaco on the 11th of Nov , following that I will be at The Claremont exhibition showgrounds on the 23rd till the 25th of Nov. Do come by and say hello :)and what an awesome neat collection of plates you've showcased there.

    Ta for now, Adla

  6. I would love to eat off of those plates!!