Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ebay & Target

Was in Target this morning trying to find this;

Eight piece baking set at a bargain price and PINK! I want those moulds not just for baking but making soaps and chocolates.

I also tried to find this half price Transformer for my collector brother and my son's best friend.
The word is TRIED. Like all Coles owned companies, Target is chronically under staffed. The only staff in the toy section was a teenage boy who was being monopolised by a surgically enhanced mum. Totally mesmerized by her plastic bosom, he was running all over Target fetching the stuff on her list.
Now I am thinking this woman might of been smarter than she looked. What a good way to get service. Note to self; wear push up bra and low cut top when I want service in under staffed shops (which have young males as employees.)
Anyway, I didn't get either of those things, both sold out straight away.

I bought this rose garland from Dusk and put it on top of the curtains in the living room. I liked it so much I thought I would sell one on ebay too. Click here to go to my auctions.

I just love the little Cath Kidston hand soaps and bath melts. They look fab in a glass jar in my bathroom. This is another item I have on ebay, the bath melts as pictured below.

Above is the cupboard door print I bought from Gail recently. At the front you can see the latest addition to my Josef Originals collection.
Here she is below!

And I just had to have this Christmas sign after seeing it on Mels blog. My kids have been whining, "Can't we just have a normal coloured Christmas tree?" And I said, of course you can. When you move out. What a mean mummy I am! Inflicting pink, lilac and white trees on the poor babies!


  1. Sometimes I don't think Target even have the things they advertise. Most of the time there stock answer is we sold out - no raincheck!!
    Love the garland.

  2. My daughter and I saw the little kids cooking set in Target, do you want me to get you one, or do you think the postage would kill the sale price, what a great idea of yours using it for soaps. Loved all your other goodies too, don't let me see the soaps as I have an obsessions with soaps, it's a joke with all my friends and family. thanks for putting a link on for me

  3. I love those josef collectables too, still need to get one more birthday figurine for one of my girls. Had to laugh about the normal coloured chrissy tree comment. I am worse than you, my kids have their real pine needle tree and i have my own silver feather tree to put my vintage ornaments on. they are not allowed to breathe on that one!!

  4. gorgeous all gorgeous
    and yes my boys would often lament why cant we have a normal mother lol

  5. LOL, when you move out. Perfect answer

  6. I love all your goodies!! I so want that print!!!


  7. Just look at those pink silicone set! Cute! Those would come in handy! Love all your pretties! Did you get my email from Ebay?

  8. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Yeah another person venting their frustraltion at trying to get advertised products with no success!. This has happened to me so many times, imaging my frustration last Xmas when a leading chain store retailer didn't even get the stock into the store that they were advertising. The words "NOT HAPPY JAN" come to mind very quickly!
    I love the rose swag that you got from Dusk. I am going to check them out when I am near one of their stores.
    Catch you soon,

  9. lol lol you are too funny Peta, yes must try that pop some of those chicken fillet things into the bra next time we go shopping! our poor deprived children - mine want a "normal" ie red/green xmas too but they arent getting it (wicked laugh). I am so glad you got your pink xmas sign, they were a bargain too i thought! Mel x0

  10. That's too funny about your kids. Hey, what's wrong with pink? I have a pink cell and a pink camera. My family just laughs at me. And I love the bakeware from Target. That is cute. Have a great weekend!

  11. Peta, How funny about the tree! Oh my goodness that pink set is adorable!! I was just there and didn't even know about it!!!!!! Can't wait to se your trees!!!! Later, Lori

  12. Having worked in retail for most of these large retailers I know for a fact that they say they are sold out but never actually got it in! Or they have a super special and have a pathetically small amount. It is just to draw people in so hopefully they will buy more expensive stuff.

  13. C'mon Peta get that ample bosom of your working woman!LOL its amazing the power a good set of boobs can have :)
    Luv your new Josef Girl, i think shes my favourite of all the ones you have.
    Oh and umm i also bought that Pink Christmas sign...seems our Mel started a trend hey!

    My next question...can Tom reach your garland??? LOL

    xo Shann

  14. Hi Shann, Tom can't reach the garland as Jon has taken it away! He said all the flowers were driving him frigging mental. Except he used way ruder words :) xx

  15. I love the soaps in the jar! I have a million jars so I am off to find some soaps to out in them :)

  16. Your soaps and your jar are so cute! Your garland of flowers is gorgeous too, you have such a great touch :)

  17. Oh how I love your pretty pictures!

  18. The pink baking set was so cute! Annoying when they sell out fast, I suppose they wouldn't raincheck them?

    I want that bed too.

  19. Hi Peta, I wished you lived near me, I could take you to the Target near my home and we could go treasure hunting. Plus, I adore your little "Josef" girl. There is a consignment shop near my house that ALWAYS has plenty of these vintage lovelies in stock. They usually end up sold to me for my website. I've got to go find some Cath Kidston's soaps now. xoxo

  20. I love that cupboard door print of Gails, just beautiful, i have one of her tea cup n roses , its one of my favorites! Thanks for visiting my blog:) Kimberly