Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things I Want For Christmas

Yay, I got a GOOD new job! A permanent one which means we will be able to buy a new home soon and get out of this shoe box we are in.
I have been working a lot but have been doing some Christmas craft in the evenings while watching "Bargain Hunt" (love that show.)
Photos very soon!
Anyway, below are some of the things I want for Christmas.

Isn't this French inspired bed divine? Looks like something Marie Antoinette would have in her Petit Triannon. I am reading a biography on her at the moment, such an interesting woman.

Cath Kidston wallpaper. I could do so much with this. Feature wall, backing or lining for shelves, cover boxes and books....must have!

Pink LCD TV and DVD player for the boudoir.

Glam giant rubber duckie with feather boa. Aussie readers, David Jones have these.

Hand woven Aubusson rug in a super large size. The perfect anchor for the shabby chic living room.

Who can ever have enough diamonds?

Royal Winton wall vases to add to my collection.

French inspired desk and office chair. Love that chair!

And the gift that keeps on giving....Ryan Reynolds!


  1. Hi Peta, I loved this post! I like your Xmas wish list. I especially like the bed!! Good for you with the new job. Is it still in retail?

    chat soon
    Katrina :)

  2. Wooohooo sexy dude.

    That is one gorgeous bed.

  3. peta you are a seriously naughty girl so no doubt Santa would have you on the good list (he likes naughty girls) but that bed on his sleigh (with Ryan all tucked in) that is a picture that i wont soon forget.

  4. Love the pink stuff, I have a pink cell and camera and a pink tv would suit me fine also. Who is Ryan Reynolds? Don't know him but he sure is cute! :-)

  5. With your bottom wish I'd say that french bed will come in handy!!!! LOL Later, Lori

  6. Thanks Katrina and the new job is in retail.
    Jules, you know me so well LOL!
    Joan, Ryan Reynolds is an actor.

  7. Hi again Peta, yes I did hear from the person (funny that!). I am not chasing her anymore so we will see what happens!

  8. OOoooohhhh I love what you've got on your Xmas list! I'm a lover of all things pink too!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  9. Peta you made me smile with your wish list! Congratulations with your new job, I bet you'll be super good at it, I'm still looking for the little cooking set..

  10. Hmmm, if only your Christmas wish list came true - you never know though. Good luck with the job and house hunting! Wishing you everything great for 2008, Mel xx

  11. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Ohh yeah!! I love your wish list and the last pressie now there you got yourself some serious eye candy!! Hmm Umm DEELISH!!

  12. well if we are wishing for all things sweet *grin* i will have Shannon Noll please. I think we are totally suited dont you!

    and umm is your lovely Jon taking hints for all the other things you NEED ?? LOL I hope so.


  13. Hi Peta!

    Love your Christmas list! I bought a nice french desk similar to this one the other it.

    Siobhan :)

  14. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Hi Peta,
    Oh La La, I just LOVE the bed! And of course the pink rubber duckie!!!
    Have a fabulous week,
    Chat soon,

  15. Congratulations on your job and love your Christmas wish list, all of it!!

  16. Great news about the job. I hope you will be abl to arrange to buy yourself (or be given) some of those things..

  17. Congratulations on the new job!!Love your Christmas wish list!! hehe

  18. Congrats on the new job.
    What a wish list!!

  19. That chair and desk set is great. Where is that from?
    This was a fun post, pretty stuff.

  20. Hi

    I just found your blog. Love it! Today was Shabby CHic day on my blog, so I made you the Blog du Jour. Hope Santa's good to you!

  21. Great list Peta! I didnt think to put a list together, it would be too long anyway...Congrats on your job!

  22. Adorable Blog, i love pink too! Pink makes me happy, love that bed too, it would look super shabbylicious in my room! Come visit sometime! Kimberly

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hi Peta -- love your pink blog! barbara jacksier said that its a must see (she is right) -- so glad I did! Looks like we love the same things, can't wait to see your future posts!

    May your "pink" christmas be filled with lots of things from your wish list.

    yvonne at the "four shabby chicks"

  25. Hi Sweetie! Okay, you keep Ryan and I'll take the bed.:)

    Love your list, it's great! Hope you are having a good time getting ready for Christmas and your summer.
    xo hugs, Lidy

  26. good grief, so sorry.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so glad you got a good job, and things are looking up. Hooray!

    So glad for you Peta!

    xo Lidy

  27. Thanks to all of you for your very sweet comments! The bed is from England and the desk and chair are from Pottery Barn.

  28. Love everything! Just found your blog! PLEASE tell us the source of the desk/chair and the bed. Thanks so much-Happy Holidays!

  29. YOUR Christmas list is full of gorgeous stuff! :)

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