Friday, June 29, 2007


Went thrift shopping with my husband in tow recently, a very bad idea as he "hates all this old shit" as he so charmingly puts it.
He rushed me through the thrift shops but I did manage to grab this divine stool for $2. White, chippy paint with a roses tapestry seat.

The stack of books are old car manuals that my dad gave me to sell on ebay for him. I have more than enough of my own to sell at the moment. We want to put our place on the market so I need to sell all the things I am not in love with anymore in preparation for a house move.

I also bought this huge tray from the 1950's with lovely ballerina decorations.
It is currently on the bottom shelf of this ikea coffee table holding all the remotes and xbox accessories.

I just HAD to paint this coffee table white. It has inserts where you can display things under glass. At the moment I have put in old plates, sea shells, fairy stones and old photos. Even ikea can be made vintage chic!


  1. O wow love that table,put a piccy of your one all decorated,Pleease i need to see it.Love trays like tassels you can never have too many.And men they never get it !
    well the gay ones do but mostly lol.....

  2. absolutely we want piccies of the table painted with all its pretties!

    that stool was a bargain! You go girl!!


  3. What a great stool! I'd love to see pics of the finished coffee table too!

  4. Hi, I'm new to your blog and am enjoying it very much...
    My Hubby would have said the same thing ;)
    I need to go thrifting with you expeirenced gals as I'm not that hot of finding the right things.

  5. Ha ha, laughed out loud at your husband's comment - read it out to my husband - he then claimed he will start a blog for husbands traumatised by their wives decorating & opshopping.

  6. I will post pics very soon of the coffee table. The weather is hideous so the light isn't very good for photos at the moment.
    Tor, my husband would love a blog like that!

  7. Love the stool! It is funny, I would like to make my bowl into a sink also,a friend gave it to me, just love it!
    Your husband sounds like mine, unfortunately, my kids dont like my junk either!What is their problem??

  8. I just added the link to my store , so you are welcome to check it out, thanks,Sue

  9. Delicious finds!!! I personally adore the tray,but the stool is fab too! ...and I hear you on "the readying of the house" for market,wah!

  10. You always find the cutest stuff!! I'd love to see the finished table too, you are so clever! :D

  11. I just love, love, love your white table and new tray! You got the good stuff that's for sure!