Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ebay Auctions This Week 21/6

I went for a job interview today to work at the Markets in an old fashioned toy shop. They had so many of the Russian nesting dolls that I love! I spotted a gorgeous pink and gold one.
This job would be great for me because it is in an affluent area with fantastic thrift stores! Is that an insane reason to want a job? Because of its proximity to my favourite op shops?
I am a bit late as usual posting this weeks auctions. They all finish on Sunday.

Old Carlton Ware tea set in a very dark green. I have never seen this pattern before!

Love the Missoni styling of this top!

Brand new Stella McCartney t-shirt. It has a bird print!

Pink kitchen scales. I used to use these as a display item in my kitchen but I was given another pink set for Christmas. I use my new scales as a fruit bowl and to weigh eBay parcels. As you can surmise, I am NOT a baker!

Pink enamel ware vase from my collection. I put the transfer on myself. It actually looks like a real painted rose!

New floral print shoes. Wish these fit me as they are SO shabby chic!

Pretty pink light weight knit.


  1. It sounds like a fun job and it would make your breaks so entertaining being able to duck out to the opshops. I'm having a very full week but in the middle of it all got to go opshopping today and am in a much better mood now!!

  2. You should keep the Stella Mcartney!

  3. Gee I sure love all your pink doo dads : )