Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another Ebay Blowout

Haven't shown my latest finds on eBay for a while so here goes!

Wooden word "chic". What appealed to me was that the colours are of the palette of my house.

I bought 20 of these chandelier crystal drops as they were such a good price. They are the pink Aurora Borealis type.

Little girl with bouquet figurine.

Robert Gordon cupcake for my cake stacker. This one was discontinued a while ago so I was glad to find it.

Victorian milk jug, in great condition.

The Alfred Meakin pattern I collect. This is a dinner plate.

Have been trying to get one of these for so long. Simply Shabby Chic sage green with roses shower curtain.
I have listed some items to sell today and I will be listing more on Tuesday. I will be posting photos of them all early this week.


  1. Love it all ,especially the milk jug!

  2. I love the crystals!

  3. That cupcake is the bees knees!! Love it to bits and pieces!

  4. Do you have more of those cupcakes in different colors? I have never heard of them before! Love tha pink one! If you colect sweets like I do I know that the cupcake made your day! Lori

  5. Oh such pretties. We like the same things. I really like that cupcake. Hadn't seen anything like that before!! Beautiful!

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