Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ebay Auctions This Week

I have only five auctions this week. I still feel cruddy with this cold I have and am finding it hard to get motivated.
Click here to go to my auctions.

This is a gorgeous enamelware bowl in one of my fave colour combo's, blue and red.

Vintage chenille bedspread. One day I will keep one of these for myself! My husband hates them though, he calls them "granny blankets." Philistine!

Chintz stove burner covers, great for jazzing up what can be an ugly part of the kitchen.

Great book, heaps of projects and inspiration pages.

Vintage Japanese cookie jar. Love the cute mouse on the cats head!


  1. I adore chinelle bedspreads. And that cookie jar is excellent.
    It's always heartening to hear of you husbands distain for wonderful decorating as I face the same thing with mine, so I always think it's funny!
    Hope you have lots of cold & flu tablets to pop.

  2. Hi Peta! How ya feelin Bella?
    Why do men hate chenille? I just dont get it. Men are just plain old weird if you ask me.
    Has Julles seen that cookie jar???? Im thinkin its soooo her !
    feel betta ok :)
    Much Hugs,
    Shann xo

  3. Peta, I just came across your bog and had to go over the entire old post list!! Are you sure you don't have a long lost relative in Indiana? I love the cupcake and prayer ladies (next one I see I am buying) and love the big cookie jar too! I think if you visit me at my blog you'll see we have alot of the same tastes!!! Please visit and let me know if I'm right!! Lori in the U.S.

  4. These things are so cute! I love that cookie jar,and that you call the hubs a philistine!

  5. Really cute stuff! I've never seen such beautiful stove covers before!