Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Scapbook and Ugly Betty

My husband picked up an exercise bike for me (on sale at Kmart - 50% off!) which is fantastic as it has been very stormy weather here and it has been difficult to go walking. It has also been challenging getting the washing dry (no dryer, we usually don't need them here) and certain family members, I am ashamed to say, have been forced to go commando!
I was using the exercise bike while watching Ugly Betty and although I love the show, her hair really bugs me. Why can't she tie it back and get that hair out of her eyes?
And another thing; her father seems to be unemployed, is an illegal immigrant, Betty and her sister don't have the best paid jobs but they can afford braces for Betty AND the sister's kid? Call me Cruise, but aren't braces really expensive? Like, thousands of dollars?

I can't post without pictures. Here are some of my "Dream Home" scrapbooks. I love adding all the gorgeous, inspiring things I find in magazines.


  1. And i thought it was just me with that sort of thing,Im always pointing out stuff like that and Neil and Alex roll their eyes.Dream book is a great idea i may do that instead of keeping whole mags but not my Victorias i mean some things are sacred.
    Going commando hmm interesting and dangerous times at your place.

  2. ok i want everything in your scrap book please. Just one of each will be fine LOL.
    Dont get me started on that Ugly Betty show. Its not all i expected it to be after all the hype about it. Think i'll stick with my McSteamy.


  3. WOw, what a gorgeous book! I could look for hours!

  4. And really she isnt ugly at all, just has some weird stuff going on with her appearance that they will fix up in teh grand finale of the show one day and she'll probably be Beautiful Betty. Maybe she should be called Unfortunate Betty.
    I dont even watch it but it doesn't stop me from making up an opinion on the show! And I think if I'd started to watch it when it started I'd probably be very into it.

  5. P.s. wonderful scrapbooks you got going there.

  6. She has gorgeous skin. I have HD tv and most actors have gross skin. Hers is flawless.

  7. Your book is amazing!!! Love it to bits and pieces, Peta!

  8. LOL! Your comments about Ugly Betty crack me up. :) So let's see . . . first . . . I live in the same neighborhood as Betty. That train you see going by in the background? That's my train. I would say that Betty probably makes okay money at what she does which is similar to what I do though she would make more as it's a fashion magazine and not a telecommunications firm. And I do okay! :) That's about all the logic I can shed. I always wondered about how "Friends" could afford that gorgeous and HUGE apartment when Monica and Rachel hardly worked. They revealed later that it was rent controlled!! LOL TV cracks me up. Okay, tangent over. Love your scrapbooks!!!