Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kebab Recipe & Shopping!

Firstly, the recipe for the Rosemary Skewer Kebabs I mentioned in my last post for Shann and Siobhan, courtesy of Mr Jamie Oliver!

How to make the Skewers;

1. Get a bunch of Rosemary
2. Keeping the leafy tops on, run your fingers down the stalk to remove the rest of the leaves.
3. Sharpen the tip of each stalk by cutting across at an angle.
4. Voila! Ready to use as a skewer!

Chicken Kebabs

1. Cut into 1 inch squares and place into a bowl of marinade. Jamie's is more complicated, Jon used a mix of soy sauce, plum sauce and oyster sauce. More of the plum, just a dash of the others.
2. For the veggies, we used red onions, red, green and yellow capsicums (sweet peppers) zucchini, mushrooms, carrots and cherry tomatoes.
3. Jon baked these in the oven. He got a large pan and sprayed it with the olive oil mister. Once the kebabs are in the pan give them another spray. Use good quality olive oil or it will taste like vom.
4. We have a fan forced oven, he put it on 180 degrees. Sorry, don't know what that is in the old temperature.
5. Only needs about 10 minutes. Check a piece to see if it is cooked.

I discovered a new shop here in Perth. They have a website too. The address is www.annachandler.com
The above pictured are door mats, aren't they divine?

What first caught my eye was the many different coloured flasks in the window, similar to those pictured above. I so want to go back there and get all the colours I don't have!


  1. Oh thanks Peta for the recipe, I love the fact you can cook them in the oven, I hate standing over a frying pan, this is going to be our dinner tomorrow night, Jamie Oliver is a legend I think, I remembered about your tip on putting the olive oil into a little sprayer, yes good quality olive oil is the secret, I've just discovered that!! You are so funny with your flasks!! love them
    Guss was quite expensive, he really belongs to Todd our son, here he his on the breeders website
    http://www.bensonaussiebulldogs.com..Armani is his breed name, he's so lovely in nature but does get a bit puffed out walking in the warm weather, we walk him at night when it's cooler and he's fine...goodness this is a long comment, just great to catch up with you

  2. Love the mats! Must try that recipe too!

  3. Great recipe and so easy. Thanks.

  4. What wonderful mats! Lucky you to have such a neat shop! Loved the Spring colors of your shelf! Sure brightened my cloudy day here! Savour a little of your AU warmth for me! Lori

  5. Hi Peta, no I've not tried the recipe yet, I did make a start and buy the Olive Oil Pump Mist Sprayer. I need to go to my Dad's as he has a massive Rosemary bush, I can't seem to grow it where we are, not sure why as I never had any trouble in our previous houses.

  6. Thanks Peta !! But hey im so busy so can you just send Jamie over to cook them for me?? Or Jon... because Shane cant cook to save his life!

    LUV YA

  7. THANKYOU PETA! Your the best! The recipe sounds fantastic and I cant wait to try it out.

    Siobhan xo

  8. This recipe sounds delicious, healthy and quick! Thanks for sharing it with us! I love those mats. I will have to check out that site. Hugs, Barbara

  9. I love those flasks!! I am going to try and find something like it here in Canada. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

  10. Peta, I just loooove your little shelf with your flasks & Lefton ladies. So pretty.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  11. Hi Peta!
    Dropped by for a visit, your blog looks great. I enjoyed it much!

  12. I love the matts! I never find flasks like yours. You have such pretty things.

  13. Hi Peta, thanks for dropping in.

    My black doggie ate a kebab stick on Friday night and is now in doggie hospital :(

    Nothing to do with yourpost, except the timing!

  14. What a really sweet shop!

  15. OhhhhI have been searching everywhere here in the states for these floral thermos/flasks! They are so so sweet! I must check this website out!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    xoxo Jenny