Thursday, January 31, 2008

School Holidays Are Nearly Over!

After 52 days or 7.42 weeks the kids are going back to school on Monday - but who's counting?!
I now have four jobs which is why I don't sell much on ebay anymore. I have a ton of stuff in my ebay cupboard to get rid of. I have resorted to donating it to the local thrift store.
My kids and I got stuck into their rooms and we got rid of a ton of junk! We gave three car boot loads of toys and clothes to St Vinnies, and filled up our big green wheelie bin with rubbish.

I spotted this kitchen on a great blog called decor8. This kitchen caught my eye because of all the pretty flasks, just like mine! I love the use of the pink with the red, very "Valentines."

This is my cheeky monkey of a daughter helping her dad make kebabs. Hubby discovered a great new recipe in his Jamie Oliver cook book. You use long sprigs of rosemary as the skewers and they infuse all the ingredients with a great flavor.

This is from the same ebay seller that I bought my pink Christmas sign from. It is on my watch list!

I cleaned up and rearranged the girls. They are all happily residing on top of the microwave :)


  1. Love the prayer girls! Just curious are they very expensive? Where I live they are even the tiny ones, so I have held off buying. That my dear, is a long vacation time! Lori

  2. Goodness me 4 jobs. You are busy. Great pics of your little girl helping her Dad.

  3. Your daughter is a cutie Peta!

  4. 4 jobs and children and a husband and a house to run, you must be a machine!!!Rachael:)

  5. Hey Peta can you email me that kebab recipe ?? Unless of course Jon wants to come over and cook for me too? Sam will help him :)
    look at your darlin girl lookin all princessie. She's so sweet.


  6. Something has gotta give doesnt it?? The junkin' girl I am, all I could think of after reading you blog was,' I wish I lived closer, and you could have given ME all that stuff you gave away!! Im a shocker!
    Your daughter looks ready for action!
    I had decor8 listed on my favs, but just recently removed them, just because most of the decor is too modern for my liking, but they do have some interesting ideas, like that kitchen!

  7. Hi Peta, great photos! 4 jobs? You are superwoman - good on you!! :)

  8. I love the prayer girls! They are just goreous! Thanks for the tip on the kebabs! What a great idea! Your daughter is a beauty!

  9. Welcome back to blog world Peta - it was you after all that got me here!! I dont know how you do it with 4 jobs, i have enough trouble with 1! Love your photos, Mel xxx

  10. Hi Peta,

    4 jobs...oh my! How do you keep up girl?

    Your daughter looks like a little princess.

    I would love the kebab recipe if your hubby would like to share?

    Siobhan xo

  11. Hi Peta
    Good to hear you're keeping out of trouble, goodness me four jobs! Love your little prayer girl collection, love that little daughter of yours even more! Yummo the rosemary used for scewers what a great idea.

  12. Peta, your precious girl looks gorgeous, hope the kebabs were successful. I have the same Jamie Oliver book. Your prayer ladies look gorgeous, I love the pair I have & would like some more. I'll post a pic for you soon.
    Cheers, Coll :-}

  13. Me again, I forgot to ask, are we all in love with Johnny Depp?
    Coll :-}

  14. Hi Peta,

    Your little girl is so cute and I love your girls sitting on top of the microwave. And the sign about if it's not pink---too cool.

  15. These dolls are adorable.
    I came across to your site looking for roses and Victorian stuff.
    I love painting roses and all what is romantic, shabby and of course pink.
    I'd love if we exchange links.