Sunday, January 20, 2008

Romantic Country

I know I have been missing for a while. Christmas and post Christmas are a hellish time for retail workers. I have three retail jobs so I was working constantly.
My dear blog has been sadly neglected and I haven't listed anything on ebay since November. On the plus side, I haven't bought anything either!
One of my fave magazines of all time is "Romantic Country." It is extremely difficult to get a copy of this in Australia but I hear it is freely available in the US. Fifi from Chez Fifi sent me a copy which I am so happy and grateful for - it is a fantastic issue!

This gorgeous house featured in the mag is all done in pinks and greens, my favourite two colours. I wonder if the owner, Elizabeth, has a blog? I noticed she has a rhinestone clock collection in one picture. I have always wanted to start a collection of these but they are very pricey!

This house had hand painted roses on everything. The above is a wooden curtain pelmet. Below is their fabulous bathroom with roses painted on the cabinets.

A lot of us like using the wooden wall words in our homes. These have a touch of bling!

I came across this book on Amazon recently. Isn't the cover divine? Am coveting a copy.


  1. As you know I love Romantic Country magazine too Petah! And Fifi did a fabulous job! I have not heard of Dime Store Decorating! I will definitely have to check that one out! Thanks for letting us know about it! So glad to see you posting!!

  2. What a great magazine Peta.
    I have tagged you with a fun meme tag. Come on over & check it out.

  3. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Hi Peta,
    Great to see you back again! Looks like the issue of Romantic Country is packed with heaps of ideas, I am going to try & get a copy of 'Dime Store Decotating', it looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Sarah xx

  4. Hi Peta,

    Glad to see you back. This magazine is so pretty, I'll have to look and see if they have it around my area. Glad to see you back and hope you are getting some rest.

  5. Peta there are more pictures of Elizabeths house on Jennifer's Cottage of the month. Elizabeths house is September of 2007.


  6. That magazine looks fabulous. So sad we can't get our hands on it here!

  7. I wondered where you had got to. I enjoy your blog. Three retail jobs, no wonder we havn't seen you. Lucky you getting a copy of Romantic Home:) Rachael

  8. Glad to see your back, I was nearly going to send out a search party!lol..!
    I LOVE the look of this magazine you shared..
    I'm a known magazineaholic you know...
    This can't be

  9. Welcome back!! I love that mag as well,I buy them religiously when I can find them, and I love that book!!I think I will buy one too!!

  10. Hi! I have tagged you on my blog. Pop on over of you feel like jumping in on the game. Thanks!

  11. Hi there, If that cover couldn't be any sweeter! Was the inside as divinely yummy??? Lori

  12. Yes Peta I love that magazine too, I've only ever come across a few copies here in Australia. Thanks for the photos. Good you've been busy and keeping out of trouble, must be hard with the kids on school holidays too

  13. well well well its about time too i must say !

    Ohhhh i sooo need Romantic Country magazine. Its so pretty.

    xo Shann

  14. Drool, drool, drool.....

  15. Hello,
    I was just looking at your blog and noticed the mention of the new Romantic Country magazine and the pictures of my home. Please visit my blog at...........
    I too have posted about the magazine and recently posted some more pictures of my home.
    I love your blog too!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  16. Peta, I love that book's cover. Thank you for sharing. I think I'm going to have to run out and get it now! It look delicious.

  17. Lovely magazine, wish I had one!! Oh and that is a glorious picture of Captain Jack!!

  18. oh if only dime stores still existed!!!