Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another Ebay Blowout!

Carters price guide by Alan Carter. These are always great to have and the older editions are collectibles in their own right and worth a fortune. Alan Carter is also a bit of a fox for an old guy, he has the most yummy London accent!
Some Hot pink crystals for the chandeliers, about 20 of them. Those ring connectors are a pain in the bum, I will have to change those.
More birds! About a dozen of them! And pink ones too!
I found my first blue prayer lady on eBay Australia! I am hankering for the other colours now. The pink little girl is a pepper shaker and I thought she would look good with my other ladies :)

The pink crystal prisms are for my chandeliers and candelabras. I have started taking off a lot of the baubles on the candelabra and have just left the aqua ones and of course, my beloved glass birds :) I strung one large and five small crystal prisms together and made about eight of them all up. These have now been added to the bottom arms of the candelabra.
Well after checking my credit card balance this morning (and that put me in a FOUL mood!) this will be my last blowout until the New Year. Without the selling on eBay to balance it all out, I really notice the difference in the old bank account.


  1. Those birds are AMAZING! Love them - what a find!

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    You really have an incredible talent for finding treasures on e-bay. I love those birds.

    Take care,
    My new blog.

  3. Isn't ebay great?? You can find anything you want day or night.....ummm well, it's great unless you have frequent Now get selling so you can have more fun!!

  4. Those goodies are all soooo fabulous (I especially love the birds). I have not yet succonmed to the slippery slope of E-Bay,maybe if I sold on it?

  5. I started selling on ebay to finance blowouts such as this one :)

  6. all your pink stuff is delicious!

  7. My new favorite blog site! I love your stuff!
    Those birds are amazing! Wow!

  8. I can't believe the stuff you find! It's amazing! Some thrifted, some ebay, just like me. So much fun.