Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pretty Purple & Pink Lights

Here are some pics of the purple and pink lights I mentioned in my last post. I will be leaving these on after I pack up the rest of my Christmas gear. The colours aren't traditional Christmas colours so I think I can get away with it!
I have started taking photos of the things I will be listing on eBay after Christmas. I am listing this tablecloth pictured. It is gorgeous with lots of roses. It doesn't look quite right with my decor so it must go, alas!
Yesterday I worked and the shops were full on busy. It is also stinking hot here and making everyone very cranky.
After work I was feeling fed up so I went to a couple of shabby chic boutiques to cheer myself up.
The girl in one (whom I happen to know is the owner of the shop) was a right little cow. She didn't make eye contact or acknowledge me in any way. She also spoke on the phone nearly the whole time, even going into the store room for part of the conversation.
If I was so inclined, I could have had a shoplifting field day!
The other store is lovely. They always greet you and are happy to help with any queries. I bought some more bird decorations from them. One is a pink, white and silver peacock.
They are in Ardross and the shop is called "La Belle Maison."


  1. That first photo is absolutely gorgeous. The pink lights are so pretty.

  2. Oh and isn't it funny how different shops treat you different? I tend to lean towards looking a bit derro often when I go shopping alone - gives me lots of time to look around without being asked if I want any help (you get watched but not talked to!!).

  3. Being watched gives me the creeps though! I always say hello straight up to get it over with. Then I hope to be left alone!

  4. Thank you for sharing shots of your lovely home.