Friday, December 15, 2006

Fred Flare

Have been feeling down in the dumps today due to very little sleep. I thought I would try and cheer myself up with some pretty pictures from "Fred Flare." What groovy things they have! I can so see myself wearing that Tinkerbell necklace!
You can visit the website by clicking on the title above.
I visited Ikea yesterday afternoon to buy a floor rug for my son's room. It is very cool. Blue stripes with two medieval dragons. I also got a strand of Christmas lights which are purple with little pinkish lights, now reduced to $6.95.
My mum told me today that she felt sorry for my husband having to live with all my girly stuff. I told her that I felt sorry for her living in a beige house, with her beige life and how uninspired she must feel every day!


  1. jungle dream pagoda10:41 PM

    Take a look around bloggy world thereare many husbands livingin their wifes aesthetic,I think they secretly like it.

  2. LOL, "Living in a beige house with her beige life" cracks me up. My husband doesn't mind the pink stuff. I have asked him a million times, and so has everyone else!

  3. Darling! That hot chocolate you show there is from the famous Serendipity here in New York. Let me know if you want to exchange addresses and I'll put together a little surprise for you. :)