Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holidays Shabby FuFu

One of my fave webshops, shabbyfufu, has some wonderful Christmas finds this year. The wreaths made of mercury glass baubles and garlands are the best ever. There are also some gorgeous little vintage trees.
The pair of teacup lamps are absolutely to die for! What a fabulous present to find under the Christmas tree! Some of the china they use to make these is so divine, I don't know how they can bear drilling through them!
The boxes of pink shiny-brites would have been perfect for my tree this year. What a lush shade of pink.
It's my little boy's birthday today. 7 years old! We got him lots of King Kong and Godzilla toys and he had his party with all his friends last week.


  1. Happy Birthday to your little one! The teacup lamps are pretty easy to make, I have one in my kitchen my husband made for me.

  2. Your blog makes me look aorund my place and think "hmmm, need more pink". I love all your stuff. Those teacup lamps are cool.

  3. jungle dream pagoda8:43 AM

    I must go to this site!

  4. Sarah, how lucky you are that your husband made you one of those! And Bee, thanks, you can never have too much pink!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little guy! I love all your photos! The framed print gives me wonderful ideas for displaying my many vintage postcards! They are so wonderful and I don't like keeping them all hidden away.

  6. Yes, I look at your pictures then look up at my Christmas tree and think "I need some more pink decorations on there, and maybe some pink tinsel."

  7. Oh my gosh... love these photos. LOVE your site!
    No wonder you loved my pink finds!
    I will be back... can't stop looking at your gorgeous pics! So yummy!

  8. Happy Birthday to your lil man!

    I love pink, too...though you wouldn't know from my house..lol..I must start turning my collections around!

    I love the shabby frame, and the wreath is to die for!