Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canister Ladies & A Small Preview

Jon, the kids and I went looking at blocks of land today. We found a gorgeous one in a semi rural area that I fell in love with. Jon went for a walk in the bush and nearly stepped on a tiger snake which are extremely venomous!
If you live in this country and live near any type of bushland at all you get used to looking out for snakes. I stay away from leaf litter and tall grass!

I have a small preview of some of my ebay auctions this week. I hope to list some of my larger items such as a popcorn chenille bedspread and a retro patchwork quilt to make a bit of room in my bulging cupboards!

Pretty "Mayfair" bone china cup and saucer, made in England.

This is so cool - a cocktail swizzle stick and drink measure set from the 1960's.

A sign for the French inspired kitchen.

These Lady Canisters are not for sale.
Some of my Enesco "Prayer Lady" canisters. They are all sitting on top of the microwave. The microwave is new and I hate it. It is stainless steel and shows every finger mark. Remind me to slap myself if I ever buy another stainless steel appliance.

Below is the corner the microwave sits in. I hung some pretty saucers on the wall and I love this tiny lamp. It was brass but I painted it a very pale pink.


  1. I'll remind you never to buy it if you remind me too! I'm so sick of my new stainless microwave too! They always look messy. I love the little cute corner you made so sweet and girly! Take care, visit soon! Lori

  2. I'm in the same stainless boat too, but on a much bigger, messier(is that a word?)scale. I bought a 42" stainless stove and a side by side fridge, never having stainless before. I tried EVERYTHING for those messy smudges and nothing worked except a great spray stainless cleaner I got at Sam's Club.

  3. I am soooooooooooooo bidding on yoru prayer ladies.....they are divine....make me win the coffee one rofl

  4. Glad he's okay! Your pretty pink tea cup is delightful. And your prayer ladies, incredible!

  5. Sorry Joyce, the Prayer Ladies aren't for sale!
    Carol, I am guessing Sam's Club is American? I will look for a stainless steel cleaner here.
    Thanks Gina and Lori :)

  6. I wish I could hire you to design my rooms for me, Peta, all of your stuff always looks just right, and so elegant and fun!

  7. I was going to ask about the Prayer ladies when I read you posted they weren't for sale!!! I was going to say how can you part with them. I guess you can't! lol!
    You have beautiful things Peta.


  8. Thanks Laurie and Colleen, what a lovely thing to say!

  9. Oh crap, i thought they were for sale too.
    Oh well......
    They are just so sweet and pretty.
    Your home is so pretty and Vintage Chic Peta :)

    Hugz xo

  10. Peta, if those Prayer Ladies were mine, everyone would have to fight me for them. And girl, how could you, Stainless Steel.

  11. Snakes...I hate snakes! They scare me to death!!!
    You have some lovely items coming up, can't wait to check them out.

  12. Oh my that last picture is gorgeous! I have a stainless steel fridge and you can get wipes for stainless steel. Just pop one out of the container and prints are gone. It's still a chore, but easier then a spray bottle.

  13. My stainless steel stove top looks appallingly smudgy and I cant clean it properly ever. I love all this stuff you're selling this week- esp the swizzle sticks.

  14. Your prayer ladies look wonderful grouped together!

  15. I used a micro fiber cloth on the microwave yesterday and it worked!

  16. Peta, thanks for your comment on my blog. I couldn't help but laugh about your stainless steel microwave . I bought one last year and took it back the next day and got a white one instead. Who thought of this stainless appliance rage that is going on?

    Well anyway, I always enjoy visiting your beautiful pink world. Makes my day a little pinker too.

    Have a great day!