Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally, Some Pictures!

This is the newest member of our family, "Hunter". She is half burmilla and very fluffy! I myself don't call her Hunter. To me she is "Kitty Purry", sometimes "Kitty Furry" and also "Kitty Wee Wee" because of her tendency to wee on my rugs!

My blackboard wall in the kitchen. One of the few spots in the house that has my old style of decorating, shabby chic.

Our "puppy" Ted - getting bigger every day!

Still searching for a coffee table for this room. We have the perfect one at work but Jon hates it. It is in the french provincial style - oak top, distressed white legs with spots of paint splashed across the top. Jon says it looks like it is covered in barnacles.


  1. Dear Peta,

    I love your little white shelves with their decoration and your french looking board. And love love love this pretty sweet longhaired cat. A cozy house must have own by a cat and a dog. We have two little Biewer terriers and unfortunately no cat because my father-in-law is allergic.
    Do you have more rooms or space in your new house? Mine´s is not small but too small for all my collected things.
    Looking forward for pictures from your kitchen.

    best greetings,

  2. The new house is looking fabulous

  3. Looks fabulous!!

  4. Looking good there Peta! Love the restful living room! Rachaelxo

  5. loving the house pics peta, and congrats on the new members of the family

  6. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Hi Peta,
    its so nice to come accross another blogger from Perth! you are the first one! And I was so blown away when looking through your old posts because, firstly, I have the light from Beacon that you mentioned, one in the kitchen and one in the sitting area! And yes, it was tricky getting my husband used to the idea!! The other thing was the blue subway tiles! I was planning for some time to put subway tiles in my kitchen, but they just seem to be everywhere, then the other day I was wondering if they came in a blue, and there it was on your blog! I will be coming back to read the rest of your posts tomorrow when kids are at school!
    I look forward to more posts!
    much love, laura currie
    my summerhouse, summerhouselc.blogspot.com

  7. Hi Peta,
    me again! Just wanted to thankyou for coming over to my blog, and your lovely message. I wasnt sure; where is
    Quinns rock? Is it near two rocks? Yep, I think we do have very similar tastes in stuff! I read a lot more of your older posts the other day, and so many things are similar! Even the blue front door!!!
    Anyways, I was going to have my etsy store open by this weekend, but having problems with fabric printers... Will most likely be next weekend. fingers crossed!
    Oh, I am going to do a giveaway too next week, will let you know! Take care for now and enjoy your long weekend!
    laura xxx my summerhouse

  8. Anonymous9:56 AM

    HAHAHA! Barnacles? That had me laughing so hard!... sheesh, the things men think eh? I'm glad you're blogging again! Looking forward to more posts!

  9. Hi Peta,yes, I am back - again! Just to let you know that I am passing an award on to you. Maybe you could stop by at my blog to see sometime,
    Laura, my summerhousexx