Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Eye Candy

Well, I finally took some pictures of our new house but can't find the SD Reader to put them on the PC. Doh!
I am ashamed to say that I probably have at least six more boxes to unpack, and I have no idea what is in them. Hopefully, the SD reader!
So in the mean time I have some eye candy for you to look at. I am not thrilled with the kitchen here. The bench tops are a weird teal colour and then boring cream laminate cupboards with no knobs! Gotta have a few knobs to brighten things up LOL!
I have been saving these pictures for ideas.
There was a lady who commented on my last post about where to buy shabby chic. I can't afford the shabby chic homewares and furniture stores myself but three lovely ones are Chandelabra in Subiaco and Trilogy and Veranda in Claremont.
Most of my stuff has been bought from the following places;Early Settler & Recollections in Innaloo, Ikea, Freedom Furniture, Target, eBay, etsy, and many, many op shops and swap meets.

I bought this for the pantry door in the kitchen to bling things up. Hubby quickly removed it. I will outwit him yet!

I have started this look in the open shelves in the kitchen. The clear glass jars filled with various food staples gives a casual yet pretty look.

What I liked about this kitchen was the unexpected use of art (the ship painting above the sink) and the bead boarding. The dishwasher in this kitchen is the same hideous brown as my stove.

Isn't this kitchen to die for? LOVE the blue subway tiles and the contrast of the rattan blinds.

This chair is from Shabby Chic. We have the EXACT same one at Early Settler for only $129! I am considering changing what I have for these chairs, I love them so much!


  1. Look forward to seeing photos when you find the reader.

  2. Dear Peta,

    I enjoyed your new posting. Kitchens are totalle ispiring for me and I´m looking forward to see your new kitchen. Pastel colours are my favourites too, so I have a pink smeg and a pink kitchen aid and some other kitchenalia in pink, white and pastelblue.
    My dream would be a massive wood kitchen in robin-egg-blue with open shelves and a bigger room for it as I have now. And in a magazine I saw a pink AGA and a pastel blue AGA and fell totally in love with them.

    Have good days!!!

  3. Oh I love the photos but my favorite is the top one,,,oh how I would love to have pink applicances..

  4. whoo hoo _ you are back in blogland!! i was happy to see this post pop up on my side bar. good luck with the unpacking and new house cant wait to see what you do. Melxxx

  5. Thanks guys! I just have to find that reader!

  6. Sweet Sweet Peta,

    I received your package of treasures today and I just about cried. I love everything you made for me. How could I not. Chenille hearts covered with glitter, and that adorable glittery star and those pink sugars. I LOVE IT ALL. I am getting ready to blog about it right now.

    Receiving presents in the mail for no reason accept that someone loves me doesn't happen very often, but I like it, ALOT! Thank you so much my Pink Friend.

    Have a wonderful week,