Friday, March 23, 2007

Shannon's Pink Kitchen

Shannon has been an online friend of mine now for years. Both being addicted to pink, we bumped into each other on ebay while feeding our addictions!
She sells the most gorgeous art and crafts including paintings, revamped furniture and yummy faux cupcakes.

Here is her divine kitchen and all I can say is her husband must be even more tolerant than mine!
She has painted all her cabinets a pretty pale pink and what kitchen is complete without a cat sleeping on the bench?!

I love how she has painted roses on her archway in her kitchen. I have a similar opening in my kitchen and would love to do something like this using wallies.

Here are some of her gorgeous cupcakes and as usual just looking at them makes me want to have a massive sugar binge!


  1. What a delicious and beautiful kitchen,she needs a blog! Thanx for sharing. OOOO ,that laundry room.

  2. I love those cupcakes! What are they made of? Clay? I'd love to have one, does she have an EBay store? :)

  3. Hi Rebecca, they are her special mix, some sort of plaster I think. SHe sells on ebay, you can go to her auctions by clicking on her name.
    Lisa-G, what laundry room???

  4. We love cupcakes and pink too!!! You have some wonderful things on your blog.
    Gee B

  5. Hey Peta!

    Thanks for the blog Luvvy!I am overwhelmed :)
    Yay i have a blog now. Its new so dont expect too much!
    Luv Shann xo

  6. How great is that kitchen. I like the cat on the bench too.

  7. My first visit to your site - it's so pretty. Feels like a real indulgence, great to find a fellow pink devotee. Will be back for another visit.