Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another Ebay Buying Frenzy!

Well, I have been at it again lol!
Both my kids love toys that are mostly found on ebay. My son loves King Kong and Godzilla and my daughter loves Snow White. I found this doll complete with seven dwarfs and jewels. (All photos are from the auctions.)

I found another "Mother in The Kitchen" for my collection, this one is the scouring pad holder with bonus salt shaker. I also bought a book about these from the US.
The two prints are from the same seller. Don't you love the one of the 1950's family at Christmas?
I bought these gorgeous cupcake cards from an ebay artist named Natasha Burns which are printed on canvas. I am going to frame a couple of them. I also got these rose decals to shabby up some of my things.


  1. Isn't that the sweetest Christmas picture in those pastel colors?! Lovely finds!

  2. Wow, what awesome treasures you found!

  3. Just found your site, how cute. I also have a thing for Ebay, just love the place. That and thrift stores!! Between you and another site I have changed everything around in my kitchen today. must say it looks pretty good. I will be checking back thanks for all the ideas.

  4. What a pretty blog, now I know were to go when i feel like a dose of pink and pretty. You're making me feel like using a lot of pink paint!