Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Things, New Displays

I received the blue Prayer Lady Canisters I bought off ebay, just in time to cheer me up after my hell week and weekend.
I have put them on top of the microwave with a pink friend for lack of having anywhere else to put them.

I rearranged the display above my cupboards - green in the middle now! Swapped around pieces from other rooms and colour blocked.

I even changed around this little corner shelf. No shadow box on top now, instead some cute little porcelain figurines bought at a thrift shop for $1 each!


  1. your kitchen looks wonderful, but i think you should give me all the blue stuff so you have more room for pink hehe


  2. Hi Peta,

    Looking forward to our swap. I've just arrived in Perth! First time ever. I'm here for work until Thursday...staying at the hyatt (thank you work!)

    Love the blog!

  3. Peta the colour block looks great! I love it!!!!
    Luvin the green stuff.


  4. Hi Joyce, didn't know you were into blue!
    Sally, welcome to Perth! Wish I had all of your swap ready so I could hand it to you, would save $$$$ on postage!
    Thanks Shannon, loving green at the moment.

  5. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!! I didn't realize (duh!) that you're from Australia, home of my beloved Wiggles!! (I met Anthony!)

  6. Simply adorable... thanks for the inspiration!

    I think I'll gather all my same color items up for a quick and cute easter display for brunch!

    What a fun blog!

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  8. Wow! I am in awe of all the stuff you have! So pretty too and great colours! What will you do when you run out of space .... or will that never happen :)

  9. When I run out of space I just sell the things I have grown tired of to make way for new finds!
    Thanks Tiffany, glad to be inspiring :)

  10. Hi Peta,
    I LOVE what you have done with the dispalys above your cabinets. Your collections are sooo coordinated, it's amazing!!

  11. I could just sit in your kitchen all afternoon, sip tea, and be in heaven. I also think I need to take that darling pink & green teacup on the far left off your hands....wink. That pattern is awesome! Who is the maker? Is there a pattern stamp? I love it, and am pink with envy! Also admiring your blog, btw. *Risa

  12. Wow! Everything is looking so great!I really love the editing and re-arranging on the cabinet shelves!

  13. I just love these photos of your collections. You have such a knack for display! Beautiful! :-)

  14. okay my husband wants Tom
    as i said before that would be catnapping,I really adore your easter deccys and also want the cup lamps where are they from.I have heaps of cups i saw a chandelier like that with a teapost centre and cuplights i want it.

  15. Jules, the cup lamps are from shabbyfufu, see the post above this one:)
    Tom has been a very naughty boy this weekend so your husband is welcome to him!

  16. Risa, are you talking about the stack of three cups? The bottom one is Crown Trent, the middle is Mayfair and the top is Made in Japan as is the little green one near these.
    Thanks for your lovely comments:)