Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freedom, I can taste you.

The Easter holidays are nearly finished, thank @#$%. Three weeks! Now that I am not at school myself, I think kids get WAY too many holidays.
I can so relate to the t-shirt above. My kids have been fighting, bickering and crying what seems like the whole day long. It doesn't help that I have been grieving my friend.
Hope to get back to ebaying this weekend. I have found some gorgeous things lately in the op shops!
Below are some tasters of what I will be listing this weekend.


  1. Ouch, you got THREE weeks of school holidays?!! We only had two and that was bad enough. I'm guessing you breathed a sigh of relief today then!

  2. Lovely purse and plate,I love swans though I keep them shut up in my magic closet!